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I've been charged over $2,000.00 in OD fees by Cap One the past three months because they are paying debits before processing credits. My online bank statement indicates I have/had a positive balance but yet I keep getting charged the fees.

This only started happening after I upgraded to the Treasury Optimizer service. In the past, if an automated debit hit the account it would say "pending". If I forgot about it, I could go to the bank and either deposit check from a client, cash or transfer money from another account and NEVER was charged $35.00. Now, I'm still doing the same thing as in years past but I'm getting hit $35.00 at a time for these "pending" transactions.

Very clearly, they are paying the automated drafts, debit card purchases and lastly, giving me credit for my deposits to maximize the fees that were charged.

It appears that several banks have been sued for millions of dollars for this practice. Hopefully Cap One will be next to get clipped for this practice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Checking Account.

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Regions Bank does EXACTLY the same thing. I've had almost $1,000.00 in NSF fees since January and I have NEVER in 35 years of banking EVER bounced a check. I am moving my account but, what can be done to protect others and/or get my money back?


Yes that is the way they do it, post debits before credits and when you file a complaint with the OCC or any other government agency guess what you get. I reply with Capitol One heading saying nothing but that you owe.

Ever wonder why this country is in the mess it is in. Greed with a Capitol C and One following.


Now its going to cost me money for ct to get that money back will talk to congress man and news on this my advice do not get this card or any of them there scams


very upset mother they gave this card when she was 17 they send to our young kids and they are indebt before they start up life take to ct and im telling people to not use this card there in there own rules this is getting turn in. they were suppost to take it out of check no notices of ct appearnce took all checking money nothing to feed her daughter this has gone far enought with these people they will be turned in. Its funny when you go to court room and see all the capital also they had a joint account with her daughter keep in mine that is 5 and took that which i was putting in for her collage fun


Sorry you didn't get a reply. We would like to try and help get the issue resolved.

Please send an email to for assistance. -Julie


Julie, thanks for your reply but I contacted my branch manager 7 days ago by phone and email, no reply!


Hi. Julie from Capital One here…Sorry to see you are frustrated.

Could you send us an email at so our customer care team can research this?

For your privacy, please withhold from including your SSN or account number. Thanks!


Since you know about this, why would you keep an account with them? Use a local community bank or credit union, not this monster mega-bank. Ditch them Monday.