I have been a Capital One credit card holder since 2002,I switched because they offered a 0% rate. I have never been late , never over the limit , never a bad check , only on time excellent pay.

They just raised my 7.9 rate to 24.9 rate .After talking to several SUPERVISORS they could only tell me that it was because they were in bad economic times and had a lot of other card holders that were bad so I was paying for their poor credit. I will never go back to this company and warm others to beware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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I had 2 cards with them, and they did the same thing to me with perfect credit no less. I opted out of the new terms and they closed my accounts, and now I'm paying them off at my original interest rates. Screw 'em.


All you do is tell them that this is not accecptable and close my account and that they lost you as a customer. If everyone does this they will change their tune. Or they will have no customers left.


That's exactly what they told me about jacking my rate to 18% from 9% effective Jan 1st 2010. This after 14 years of doing business with them, NEVER being late with a payment and always paying over the minimum and having a credit score of 800.

These a**holes are driving their GOOD customers away and then crying to the government to bail their sorry, greedy ***'s out. Leaves little wonder as to why our economy is in the dire straights that it's in! When January arrives my bill will be paid in full.

I'll be done with that and Capitol one. They can go down in ashes over their own greed and stupidity.!*^%& them!!

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