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On Friday Feb. 17 I made a payment to cover the outstanding balance on my daughter's secured Capital One credit card. Made the payment from my checking account by providing the routing # and acct #. *

Made the payment before it was due because she needs availability on her credit card. She is currently travelling in North Africa. Not able to reach her by telephone.

After I made the payment by phone, I asked to speak to a supervisor because I wanted to make sure there would not be a problem with the payment being made from my account. Explained the situation to Liz and explained the urgency as far as needed availability, who actually helped. She told me that there isn't a problem with the payment coming from my acct but that there's a hold on payments so availability is delayed. I asked if she could override the hold since I am a good Capital One credit card customer and she was free to look at my acct. She said she wouldn't be in on Sat. but would have another acct manager, Melissa, call me to see what we could do about getting the hold lifted/shortened so my daughter would have funds avail asap.

Didn't hear from Melissa on Sat. Called cust service last night and spoke to a rep from El Salvador who told me the only way to deal with the situation would be a call from my daughther in North Africa!!! Another call and another El Salvador rep said we needed to have a 3- way conversation with my bank!!! Told her that wasn't consistent with what Liz said on Friday.

Just spoke with Ann in Texas (operator OET966) who said they couldn't do anythting without speaking to my daughter. Privacy issue. Told her I undertood the privacy issue but was calling about a payment that I had made on Friday that had been posted to my daughter's acct but had not resulted in more funds being made available under the account. ($3.17 avail although payment posted- if no hold put on payment approx $250 should be avail.) Told her I didn't want to discuss specifics of my daughter's acct but asked how long does Capital One put a hold on payments. For a secured credit card, depends on acct history and could be 1-16 days.

So, horrible customer service, scripted and nonresponsive answers, and a daughter travelling alone in North Africa without availability on her credit card, despite numerous calls and requests for help.

According to the auto payment info I obtained when I called Capital One this am,

*Made payment by phone after providing the required security info for my daughter's acct. I did it this way because I had previously contact Capital One Customer service (online and by telephone) and each told me the only way I could made a payment on someone else's account was by using the other means (online said to do it by telephone, c.s rep said to do it online.) CAPITAL ONE PROVIDED NO HELP WHATSOVER IN HELPING TO MAKE A PAYMENT ON HER ACCT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Checking Account.

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