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I used my Capital One credit card for the first time on July 27, 2018. In 16 days, Capital One reported to the credit bureau that I used 100% of my credit limit, without giving me enough time to make my first payment!

Today, on August 18, 2018 I made a $300 payment, before 30 days! Capital One refuses to correct their errors, saying that I have to wait until September! However, the damage is done! My credit score went down to 50 points!

And will show that I used 100% of my credit limit, without giving me enough time to make a payment! Capital One should change their policy, and give their customers until the end of the month before reporting to the credit bureau, like other respectable companies! I know that they can do this, but they rather make their clients suffer! Capital One should be ashamed of themselves, because people like me are only using Capital One to better our credit, not to make it worse!

I have delt with other credit card companies, and when I explained that I need extra time to pay, they said that they do not report anything negative against anyone's account, until after 60 days of being late! So how can Capital One report me, without waiting for at least 30 days?! I tried to resolve this issue with Capital One! But they said that what they did was supposedly according to their policy, and therefore, they will not take that bad mark off of my credit score!

Today I spoke with supposed supervisor Bary VDF297, from Chesapeake, Virginia. He claimed that he is the highest ranking person to speak to, and that no one else higher will speak with me! I have Lupus and on Long-Term Disability! Therefore, I cannot be in any form of stress, or it will kill me!

I was planning on getting a loan next week, because my dog needs an operation! Now my dog has to suffer because of what Capital One has done!

I always record my phone conversations. Please contact me so we can get this resolved, or I will take this action higher!

  • incompentent corporation
  • disrespectful agent
  • Incompendent Service
  • Inconsistent Company Policy
  • Rude And Incinsiderate
  • Disability
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That's how it works.


To the anonymous comments Aug 20 and Sep 19. I know for a fact you are a Capital One employee who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.

You're an online troll.

Does Capital One pay you to troll complaints about them and write the horrible things you say to people. You must be so proud of yourself with your {{Redacted}}.


Yes, I believe Capital one and Synchrony, both reward these stooges to play devil's advocate and attack any negative reviews about company. They are pathetic wimps.


LOL... "Wimps"....You have dated yourself, my friend.

Sounds like you peaked in 1983. A person in your age bracket should know exactly how banks work and are well beyond the silly mistakes and misconceptions that cause issues like this. It's all a Google away to see how things work. Learn about credit how it can help you and how it can hurt you.

Do Not do the things that can hurt you..

P.S. Never heard of Synchrony but that page up, it's full of whiny people who also can't manage credit and will blame any and everyone but themselves.


You actually used the money and you are upset that they reported it? I'm not sure where Capital One did anything wrong there.


"I will take this action higher!" Like they really care about your lame threat. Sounds like you're a professional/serial dead beat who wants to do business outside the agreement(AKA "work with me") they signed.

You can call and talk about your illnesses and throw in your dog for good measure but at the end of the day, they're going by what you signed. Just because other companies let you slide doesn't mean others will. You ran up your card, it happens. You knew your credit was so delicate that you couldn't take a utilization score hit.

Perhaps you should have planned better. Now you have to wait as they say until the next update which is in September. Your score should bounce back some assuming you don't max out the plastic again. Oh, and BTW, be mindful of recording conversations secretly.

You could find yourself in hot soup.

OK....Let me have it.... "You must work for (insert company)."


I would like to say your the biggest jerk ever male or female. Did you actually read the complaint moron?

I've been with Capital One for over 11 years never missed a payment but they made a mistake so I reported them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Maybe you shouldn't be such a *** bag.

Your negativity will come back on you if it hasn't already. Someone who calls someone a professional/serial dead beat makes me think you work for Capital One or you have mental issues that you should deal with right away.


Hey you’re the one pulling cards out to pad your complaint. You’re disabled, youre on a fixed income.

Your beloved pet is ill. They have every right to report if you used ALL of your available credit. It’s a red flag that you are either in financial distress or the victim of possible ID theft.

Get over it, life goes on and you will have to wait. Obviously you DID use all your available credit or they wouldn’t have reported it.


Hey Durpa when a situation happens to you why don't you get over it, your life goes on, and you'll have to wait. I hope it doesn't end up being something really serious like a death in the family. Because with of your response, I would have no compassion for you.


Perhaps this negativity is why all these bad things are happening to you. (Your comment) Now tell me what bad things are happening to me. I'm not aware of bad things happening to me.


Oh here we go... This noise ranks right up there with "you must work for them", "Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth" etc.

Nothing like the passive aggressive curse losers like to lay out on someone who doesn't want to come to their pity party. This shows what a horrible person you really are.

No one wishes ill on someone else for not going along with a complaint. Perhaps this negativity is why all these bad things are happening to you.