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I just had the most awful experience with someone from their advocacy department, after having a terrible experience speaking to a customer service person two days ago.

Basically, for the second time in a row, the bank has made available funds to my account that were not really there--meaning I had purchased a bank check out of my checking account and instead of deducting the amount from my checking, they left it in there, until the branch went through their books at the end of the week.

I was expecting an overtime check and so when I checked my balance over the phone, quickly and noticed a higher balance (5 days later) I thought it had arrived. So I made a few transactions that evening, including purchasing an itunes song for $1.50.

To my disbelief, the next day, in spite of my check REALLY going through, I had been charged $35 on each transaction. The first time in happened I thought it was a one-time mistake. Little did I know that it is common practice for this branch to do that. I basically got charged $35 on each transaction, some of which were for $5, $6, $100. When I tried to get the overdraft fees refunded, they refused to and accused me of having done it on purpose. In addition to that, the woman was completely dismissive of my claim (and definitely did not even attempt to advocate for me).

She insisted that this was my fault, because I shouldn't trust the automated system's balance, I should be managing my account closely and keeping my own spreadsheet of my expenses. I'm glad that she has great ideas on how people should manage their money, but the reality is that it is none of her business how I manage my money.

At the end of the day, "their job is to give an accurate balance of my account, not provide me with money that I don' t have, instead of declining my transactions and then 4 days later tell, "we're sorry, but really that wasn't your money and though it is our mistake for not deducting this in time, we will charge you $35 for each time you used those funds."

I'm taking this to small claims and writing a letter about this particular "advocacy" person to Capital One headquarters. Any suggestions on who else I can contact? So Angry!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Checking Account.

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I am having a similar problem. Capital One is not wanting to assist with financial distress.

I've made payments faithfully and when I need help the agents on the phone always state "You agreed to the contract." Something unethical or an unethical practice is occurring. I am in the process of trying to find out what is going on. I wish a journalist would do an investigation on Capital One and uncover what is going on. Capital One Auto finance is vicious in their practices.

I wish it was possible for consumers to request a print out of notes being posted in their system and if supervisors post comments on how to not help. I've been paying on this car for so long and the interest on it was extremely high. When I ask for a print out of what was paid into principle and then interest I am told they can't print it out. When trying to adjust the payment date I am told for the life of the loan is 15 only.

For a 5 year loan seems very little amount of days. When asked to refinance Capital one does not do that to their own loans. I was told to get a loan from a bank. Isn't capital one a bank?

Why would they want their loans to leave? When the customer advocate called I wasn't able to answer so I left a polite message. They never called back. I purchased the car at $18000 and I believe when paid in full it will be over $40000 in total with interest.

That just doesn't seem fair. I see that Capital One uses the fear of lawyers and paperwork to not help.

I am hoping that is able to find a resolution to the horrific experience I had with Capital One. I am writing this with no additional information because I am sure Capital One has people that read these blog sites to have a preemptive position.


Seriously?! They are nothing but "crooks" and all you can say to this woman is "learn how to spell" and "BOO HOO"..I hope you never have to go through anything like this yourselves..But gee you won't because you're both too smart, right!

Well,I learned the hard way how this company works and it cost me more than what I owed. I wanted to pay them outright and by the time all was said and done, I also had to pay for their advocasy..We went through small claims court and I did have to pay them but not as much as the $6,000.00 they thought they were intitled too. so, it cost me a lot more than what I owed them.



Correction *taking* ***. Learn how to spell K, okay!!!

Dupset, Capital One are crooks!

Contact the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission. If that fails, proceed with court.


Takeing them to court because you arent smart enough to manage your money or lack of?BOO HOO! Good luck with the court bit. :grin :grin :grin :zzz :zzz :cry :cry :cry