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Today i tried to withdraw my cash from Capital One Bank 42nd street branch. They told me the max i could have is 10,000 if i wanted more I would have to order it for some time next week.

20 branches in Manhattan and all they could give me was $10,000 cash from my 200,000 cash on deposit......get ur funds out of this scam bank asap. The manager told me he was calling the cops on me and told me to leave the bank, I replied call the police and i will be calling cnn ....he hung up the phone fast.

i ended up closing my accounts with bank checks that will take a few days to clear.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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most banks in the us, including capitol one, have a daily withdraw limit. The max they are allowed to give anyone in a single day.

Anything more has to be ordered through corporate. That's the standard with any bank.

I have a capitol one bank account, and i have been more than satisfied with them than any other bank i have ever been to. You should try exercising patience, instead of having a childish fit


Capital one is JEW owned *** scam business. Burn these JEW ***!


re: educating idiots 1 at a time

Can you really call someone else "dumb" after spelling "you're" incorrectly... immediately after, and in response to, it being corrected?!


Please educate your self. " You are" is contracted as" you're" not " your." Also learn the difference between "than" and "then." Proper grammar and correct spelling tends to help make your point.

Instead, you appear to be some rube in from the hinterlands.

More to the point, all banks have to allow you to take all of your money out anytime you desire during normal business hours. Usually this is in the form of a check but you can take out your money in cash.

Check it out, by law they have to give it to you.

One more *** educated.


OMG your even more dumb. No bank will allow you to walk in and take out all your money if it's a large amount.

Banks don't have millions sitting in the vault. Like a store they have to order inventory in for the day, week, etc. If you walk into a bank and take all the money then the other 1000 customers won't get anything. You have to pre-order so they are able to get the cash in for you.

If you have 200k just sitting in one bank your *** with the market the way it is. Even though cap one is doing better then most no bank is safe for anything over 100k when it comes to reg accounts.