Sonoma, California

Just to let you know how "serious" Capital One about security and about guarding your privacy... Today I received a replacement card (to replace the one I lost a few weeks ago) and to much huge surprise... it did not have the usual activation sticker on it! Feeling a bit funny about it, I called Capital One customer service to verify. A person with double digit IQ and heavy Indian accent told me that the "card is already activated" and that "I can remove the activation sticker" which it never had in the first place!

I'm speechless! Capital One send out pre-activated cards in the mail and they don't seem to see any issue with that!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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I agree.. That's ridiculous.

So you're saying if it was stolen the thief and I have to Share my card...? Lol.

Btw.. They did the same to me.

I asked the customer service rep why it had the same number, and also no activation required.. I got the same an uneducated answer of "you ordered a replacement card not a new one"...


Its cause the card number is the same.

The card number is the account number.

So if you ordered a replacement card, one that wasnt stolen, you will have same card number.

You activated the account when you first got the new account.

Any duplicate cards are thus already activated.