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I have had my Orchard Bank Card since 2000. Recently CapitalOne bought out Orchard Bank and sent me a letter welcoming me to the Capital One Family.

The letter boasted that nothing would change with the way our credit card bill was paid. I have paid my bill on time for 12 years via their website via auto pay. I got very ill in 2009 and began relying on autopay with my other bills as well due to my illness andthe medication I take for major pain. Capital One also took over Kohls Department Store charge card as well.

Which I also had on auto pay.All of a sudden Capital One changed their system by allowing their website to only set up autopay for only 3 months at a time. Of course they only began to call me after the account was 3 months past due. I recently was in a hospital for 45 days. During these 45 days, my payment became due and even though I have begged Capital One to stand by the note they included in the welcome package that said they would assist their disabled clients by setting up payments, they have failed to do so.

As a result, Capital One has destroyed our credit.I'm done and will now be obtaining counsel to hold them responsible. If this were me just trying to get out of paying my bill, you would not be reading this post, I assure you.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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This "shesharpshoots" is Xtremely litigious and delusional. Aside from her complaint(s) against WD and Cap1, she has filed a lawsuit against Loma Linda Hospital for wrongful death (all cases were dismissed). This "shesharpshoots" has also admitted to illegally recording conversations using a hidden USB recorder. She has filed false police complaints against gossip commenters, stating these commenters hired a hitman to kill her.

She has also accused a member of the LAPD of abusing his authority to gain info about her.

"Shesharpshoots" is a very bad shot; not a sharpshooter, and belongs in a mental institution.

I wish Good Luck to anyone seeking advise from this person.


Next time read the fine print.


That is the point. There was no "fine print". In fact their was no print at all.