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I have been with Capital One since 2000. Admittedly there were a couple of yearas when I was going through some financial troubles, and they my life a living you know what.

Since 2008, my bills have not only been paid on time, but I have made several in full payments and when the balance was a little high, I paid way more than the minimum required.

Two weeks ago I noticed I had scheduled a payment for more than I intended, and immediately tried to cancel the payment online. Their system would not allow me to do so, and re-directed me to call customer service. What a mess that was!

First of all, it is glaringly obvious they outsouce to another country (I suspect the Phillipines), and the rep was so cheesy and not very empathetic. He promsied me up and down he had corrected the payment amount and not to worry. Imagine my shock when I signed onto my checking account and saw that the original amount had been drafted! I immediately called Capital One, and got another cheesy rep, who acted like he cared, and over complimented me and apologized for the error and said the funds would be available in 5 business days.

I patiently waited the five days, and it came and went and still NO monies! I called back, and got another rep who initally told me no such refund was being processed, then she said, "oh wait a minute, I see it. I think it will be there by Tuesday of next week." I was not happy with the "I think" answer, and asked to speak to a manager. The manager was even less helpful, and refused to take any action to rectify the situation.

I finally filed a complaint with the BBB, and saw that I had missed a call from their Consumer Affairs Department. The funds have been placed back into my account FINALLY this morning, so I will call them back and re-express my displeasure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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CrapitalOne sucks! Poor customer service, slow and incompetent.

I had an issue with a scam/merchant and CRAP1 sided with the merchant and I wasted hours of time on the phone (dealing with numerous turds/employees) and lost >$500. Hopefully both companies will be out of business in the near future.


Same thing here. I had a scam charge in April 27th, it is now July 30 and it still hasn't been resolved and they treated me as though I was the criminal.


Sorry to hear you had a *** ordeal with Capital One. I am going through something VERY similar to you and just filed a compliant with the Better Business Bureau as well.

Glad you were able to finally get it resolved but sorry it took so long.

Sadly, I can totally relate to what you are going through. :cry


I have been a customer of Capital One's for three years now. I have three bank accounts with them, two credit cards and a savings account.

As of two weeks ago, they locked me out of my credit cards, but can't tell me why. As of today, they have locked me out of my bank accounts and can't tell me why.

They keep sending me to technical support and these idiots don't have a clue. I am closing all of my accounts with Capital One and I would not advise anyone to use them in the future.


For their Spark Business Card I had a 0% offer for 12 months that was coming due. Payoff or go to high interest rate.

Just at that time I got a new offer and paid a $50 fee for another balance transfer for 0% for 12 months. When the first one came due, I made a $2000 payment. They applied it to the one I had just taken out.

Now my first offer is at the interest rate for purchases and I have to pay interest on it every month. It is easy to see what was intended by me and what should have been done but they are unethical and won't do it!


The representative is very rude to the customer, and her accent is very hard to understand (Completely Indian accent). The line is so noisy like the free market.

I asked her about the survey about the service after her rudeness, she suddenly said to me nicely. She might be scared me to yelp her on the survey I guess!!! Horrible experience. Capital One Pls do something about your customer service, Otherwise you will lose so many customers.

Most of my friends got the same terrible service. We are so disappointed !!!