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Because it has a a very low credit limit, I use a Capital One credit card for Internet purchases (about $20/month on average) so as to isolate my Internet purchases from my main accounts.

Recently I inadvertently made a $5000 mortgage payment to my Capital One Credit card account on which the total outstanding balance was less than $200.

I should say at this point that I've never been late with a payment on my Capital One account, nor have I ever gone over my credit limit ($750).

I expected Capital One to immediately reimburse me the overage but to my absolute amazement, I was told it was company policy to reimburse such over-payments by check! And that I would have to wait for close to a month for my money!!. There was no convincing this bird on the phone. Instead he said it was not their error - implying, of course, that because it was my error they were entitled to keep the money. (If $5000 of Capital One's money fell off a Brinks truck and I found it, I'd be doing time in the big house if I told them I'd get a check out to them in a month.)

The overpayment was made Oct 21st; Capital One says the check will be in my hands November 15th. Until I looked them up on the Internet I was cautiously optimistic they'd do as they've promised (outrageous as their promise is), but after seeing the incredible list of complaints, who knows?

All I know is never again with these dudes. (Hopefully some day some of them will be doing time in the big house.)

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Did you ever get your refund? We recently made a similar mistake (double-payment) and was wondering if there was something that you did that got Capital One to make the refund. Thanks.