I have had a CO card for several years now but this year I retired early due to illness making my pension payments arrive at the end of each month. Almost every month for 4 months now I am late on my payments but they still get my payments within 10 days of the due date.

The so called customer care reps accuse me of being 30-35 days late and tack on another $29.00 fee to my account. Yet I was told by one rep that there is no such thing as late fees?????????? I have repeatedly explained to the reps when I receive my pension payments but it falls on deaf ears. They lie, manipulate and attempt to intimidate their clients.

The worst credit card company I ever dealt with. Stay away from them.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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At minimum the agents are poorly trained. Why?

Because you can change your due date for the credit card to correspond with when you have the funds available — and customer service at CapitalOne should have told you as much. If you are late they will post a late fee, which is standard practice in the credit card industry. The only solution is to change your due date. I suspect the reason why they did not offer you a better solution is because the credit card industry relies on "self service" through their web portals.

If you are using the Internet you would see the option to change your due date. If you are not paying online through their website and are mailing in your payments or phoning in payments, the subject may have never come up.


I agree. They are deceitful and are infested with Malfeasance, yet it is the CEO, who runs the Company.

They have a long history of lawsuits and complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Securities Exchange Commission, the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, etc. Inundate them with complaints so they are Red- flagged again fir their ongoing criminal activity destroying the lives of innocent consumners. Capital One does not care about your Quality of Life or Prosperity sanctioned by U.S.

Congress. Time for Term Limits to regain control of our Laws to protect our families.

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