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Capital One has reported me deceased since 2005 any actions to correct it temporary as it repeats at an alarming rate of return from yearly, to quarterly then monthly and etc.

Here is the issue they do this and everything requires a background check which includes your financials yes had bank accounts closed, deposits misplaced, deposits to bank accounts delayed, termination via annual background check for a secure job, failure to obtain a job for two years no govt assistance as again background checks, increased insurance premiums, some utilities accounts also increased due to background checks do you now understand why I say that Capital One will destroy your life you future opportunities .......there response is this they deny my monthly calls only response is to issues force via letters proving they had declared me dead! Capital One currently has two legal settlements in the millions one for sales fraud and the other for denying govt mandate not to close accounts on active duty service members in the afghan and iraqi wars the media reports wall street journal and reuters online that they receive the highest consumer complaints in the industry 20% vs their 5% market share more than the top 4 in some cases the top two combined please if you do have an account or thinking of getting one run away fast they are located 12 minutes from my home and yes once worked with them indirectly they're as other complainers say they are liars, crooks and cheats!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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Beware of certain cases of settling disputes with capital one as they do have offices out of Richmond, Va listed to salt lake city, Utah should know California, Nevada and Utah both have corporate court systems for legal filings that means corporate cloaking laws handle their disputes of fraud! One case I have issue with them is the outsourced customer service agents (india or local) some use digital and analog nullifiers to prevent the corporate headquarter from registering your calls I know what one sounds like use to be a telemarketer!

Look these telecommute jobs (consumer reps) there is no one overlooking their shoulders corporate security managers on data protection as they pull up your financial information and writing it down on a piece of paper to defraud you from their own hired staff as the work is not done in a company setting! Do I have another valid point about consumer misconduct here or unsecured risk with consumers financial integrity at risk!This experience omg credit cards, *** poor banking practices and yes outsourcing - at this point I have no confidence in any major banking institution or credit card any more they are endanger all consumers and take no responsibility for it but ask where is my money - I've got your number capital one your absolute financial murderous thieves!


This is the actions of Capital One: The upon a filings with the BBB and the Financial Consumer Protection agency stalled till the 10day limit ended for settlement of disputes .......but you should know this they opened my account in error under the wrong social security ID but during the time I built it up under to a 820+ ranking! The error revealed in 2005 - they told me by signing up with credit Inform it never occur but he fees and constant marketing from them went through the roof so I canceled. To my alarm this action increased the deceased report till it seemed like a threat! Look they stated this in actions they threw me literally under the train tracks upon a response to the CFP they stated that I called them on selected dates this is a lie cause I drew up phone records to prove it and they said I never made any communications to them after a letter was posted dated Feb 4, 2012 that they would correct status of deceased.

Capital One LIE! why I received a post-dated envelope (February 10, 2012) with a tax form to report to the IRS for debt charge off for being deceased inside! I have phone records that I did call them a few days later on the phone they informed me My Account was held under Estates case still reported as deceased.

Now I want everyone to seriously think of this issue: I've played phone tag with these fools at Capital One to get them to correct an error that they are responsible for 7 years! If I get a letter dated the 4th saying they will correct it and another stating it's not dated the 10th in the same month that is one week do you think in a weeks time I can make corrections to open bank accounts and make payments to live or seek employment - It speed up -throughout this ordeal they're staff mentions a code is reporting me! well I had a term-life insurance policy through them at no point dealing with them can I determine is this code 1) a computerized error 2)and attempt of insurance fraud 3) they've possible been hacked and not reporting it 3) my financial identity has been compromised via capital one.

In the past two years everyone should not this is valid I live 12 minutes from Capital One Headquarters in Richmond, Virginia .....they're the largest employer in the region. I know this as a fact those consumer agents the qualifications are high school grad (never had a credit card) as in August they posted a job on and the fact this is a telecommuting job meaning they receive calls in their own home/apartment or wear-ever! Now if you don't understand this yes I dated an employee that was in IT with Capital One and see them around my community! These employees about 89% have company laptops set up with full access to your accounts and yes I've seen them use these company laptops at cafes' starbuck's and etc! So you should know as a fact at any time your Financial Integrity is at risk with Capital One - a laptop can be stolen, your data compromised at any point of time and finally most are not valid to handle consumer disputes as the primary language is take a payment or sell you products or services via high school level operators that only have a script to read off!

The resulting action lie about communications or any attempt to rectify problems and blame or scapegoat the consumer at fault then place my accounts in discharge! There error closed out bank accounts, there error got me fired from a job that required background checks meaning financial history - their actions will prevent me from meaningful and gainful future employment to be under hired and far less then my true earning potential not to mention increase insurance premiums! It will limit my ability for future purchase of major items - car, home, rent an apartment all require financial checks - look I payed off my credit card debt completely twice a year I over paid by 10% on my bill on occasions when planing a major purchase ahead of time. And their gross mistake has permanently crippled me and I must suffer their garbage insult - if anyone should know they have had two lawsuits against them in 2012 one for anti-american acts of seizing accounts/foreclosing on mortgages on active duty veterans ask yourself why and the second settlement was with the FCP for fraudulent practices selling Credit Inform - because of this filing they prevented me from return on a legal settlement! Yes they hide their mistakes under a rug and will thing of killing off their consumers and placing you under the proverbial rug!


@ Diego I did all that was in communications with all three credit reporting agencies by you not reading it. The rate of death report escalated the most recent occur from statement of corrections to return to report of death was approximately 5days. We all know about the BIG 3 Credit Reporting Agencies but there is the FOURTH CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY and there are hundreds of them and mostly used to market credit card consumers "THEY GO BEYOND YOUR WALLETS" and can even make errors of criminal records you never incurred! It took a while but found Capital One uses them and no they don't report corrections to them unless you know them by name and no they won't tell you about them WHO THEY USE UNTIL ITS TOO LATE! They Use a little unknown company called:


P.O. Box 1534

Columbus, OHIO 43216


Not till my financials was ruined in decease reports and freezing access to all accounts forcing delinquent states as I was barred all access to my banks and caused havoc barring me from work did it take them telling me off we trashed your *** that I finally found out about a fourth part or fourth credit reporting agency that may have the same powers as the big 3 like I said there are hundreds of them out there and currently no mandated government listing provided to consumers and get this they are not required to offer you a free report on the information they have on you. You must pay money for your report and some fourth credit reporting agencies do not settle disputes or errors of files you must pay another agent to file and alter disputes this is extortion! This is why our economy is recovering so slow - the government allows banks a license to rip off consumer's this is extortion!!!


Lenders are like scared lltite kids they rely on what everyone is telling them, and your credit report says it all. If you were to lend me $50 and I never paid you back will you ever lend me money again?

What if I tell all my friends will they lend you money? Your credit report conveys this information, faster than girls spread cooties.If you have negative items, contact the people you owe and tell them you are willing to settle on the debt (offer them 40% of what is owed) create a letter for them to sign off on that states you want all negative items removed from your credit report and a letter stating that everything was PAID IN FULL (not settled, or settled as agreed). Once you settle, contest the listings on your credit report with all the credit bureaus:Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Then begin to pay large amounts toward your active credit cards NEVER spend more than 40% of the credit available (if your credit limit is $1,000 dont go over $400 on the card). always pay your bills on time (not late) then it takes time and you should begin to see your credit score rise 35% of your score is debt to income (what you have borrow vs what you are allowed to borrow)35% is payment history (something you need to get cleared up)10% length of credit history (so dont close accounts you have paid off)Hope that helps


Capital None kept going after my friend for almost an $800. bill on a credir card that she never recieved, They investigated and apparently had someone too prosecute if she would sign this statement.

On lawyers advice she did not, because they would not release the name of the culprit who was stealing our mail. Even after she passed away they kept trying to recover the $800 from her, even though they had told her they would drop the matter. I then phone the collection agency and asked what gives, who were understanding and gave me the name and number of someone in their security office. I phoned this lady and informed her that my friend was now deceased.

She inquired why I hadn't done so earlier (as if it was my responsability) and said I had to phone this other number with the details. Well I did and boy was I shocked. It was a tape service, the kind that asks you different questions and your response goes to the next question; like date of death, cause of death (I think?)etc.

etc. Over the years I have had bad dealings with many a company, but never have I ever seen one as crass, or lower than a snakes belly than Capital None.


To TiredMindsAmericans- Capital one made an error report of deceased it continues to incur - here is the issue you call customer service to get them to report this is not the status to the credit card reporting agencies to back up your claims so you don't have to constantly repeat corrections. Call Capital One's customer service they refuse any offer to assist you on a code error coming from their reporting instead they want a payment.

You can't get past customer service collections and/or credit sales staff. You have to go thru the gauntlet of bounce sales/collections - before you get any resolve of corrections - account discrepancy departments are usually blocked from access. You get bounced till they cut you off or they give you dead numbers.

This is the reason why they have fraud sales and this is the reason why that in most cases service members had there accounts shelled off - the structures of this operation is strictly money driven they don't comply with any consumer dispute or error on their part and blame third parties or ect.

If a an error of decease returns over and over again despite past attempts to correct it - the credit reporting agencies takes claims of demise direct from the credit card reporting agencies - if you ever worked as an administrator of accounts for someone that has passed away you would understand this - that deceased report returned over and over again for 7yrs of my life via capital one they refuse to back up the problem - as this death report excellerated to about monthly and the final incident withing 2 weeks of corrections is that enough time to open a bank account is that enough time to settle anything NO!


what the *** are you talking about???? please edit your rant and state facts not ramblings...