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I requested a pay off amount from Capital One in December, then sent a check for the pay off amount. They quoted me a wrong pay off amount which was one month short, so we mailed in the last payment (again).

Come January, we never received anymore statements. We assumed we paid off the loan, but we thought we should call 1 more time because they are sooo incompetent. Once again, they said we owned $117.53 left, and now we are 5 days late. I spoke with Miles, and he apologized and said they were late sending out statements and alot of people did not receive them.

But don't worry, we do not report late payments to the credit burreau until you are 30 days late (even if it is their fault). So I said I am not hanging up until I pay off this loan. So I did a payoff over the phone with a check. He assured me I was now paid off.

A week later I get another letter from Capital One now saying now I owe $122.68 this is dated a day before I made my $117.53 last payoff. Of course this does not balance. I then call Capital Ones Voice Jail and finally reach a representative and ask them what I show as a balance - it should be zero. He now states it is $34.31 which is the interest and late fee which has accrued.

Will somebody PLEASE shoot me???!!! I now speak with Sonny, and try to explain what has happened. He now assures me that he will "put in a request" to have this zero'd out and I will owe nothing, and I should check back in about 15 - 20 days. You have to be kidding me !!!???

I will bet my next 2 paychecks, that this will NOT be resolved, and this will escalated to more late fees and then collections, and there is nothing I can do. All I want to do is pay off my #$#@^%$ loan? What has happened to corporate America today? I am ashamed to be an American, and my ancesters came over from the Mayflower.

If I had the opportunity to leave...I would. I'm sick of this Country. Corporations steal from you, and our Government doesn't lift a finger to help out the average hardworking guy. Yes I am pissed.

To no end. There should be a law against incompetent stupidity and file a class action suit against this Capital One for being the biggest abuser.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

Monetary Loss: $34.

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Go to your attorney general. I did and that put a stop to them posting payments late, etc.

I had paid off the account time and again and they always said my payment was late.

They were forced to close my account once the attornedy general got to them. They KNOW it is illegal BUT THEY DO IT ANYWAY.