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Capital One ***!!!!!They have a License to Steal. Just got off the phone with Capital One.........too mad to even think straight. We have had an account with this company for many years, always paying on time or early and always paying more than the minimum amount. Our interest rate has been 8.90% and today it was DOUBLED to 17.90%.

When I called to ask why it was raised they put me through to 3 different people and the last one told me some *** story about back in 2009 they were going to raise interest rates but instead they gave us an additional year before raising it......LIKE they did us a FAVOR......

Then the guy said let me take a look at your account and when he came back he told me there was nothing that could be done about doubling our interest rate!!!! I told him I could understand going up a few points but not DOUBLING. I asked if we did anything to cause it to go up and he could not come up with an answer so that's when I felt like an animal in a cage with no place to go because THEY know they have you right where they want you........with this economy they are trying to CHOKE THE LIFE out of us.....they are trying to bury us so deep that we can never get out of debt with them and to think OUR GOVERNMENT BAILED THEM OUT.......and in return they do this to the WORKING CLASS PEOPLE WHO KEEP THEM IN BUSINESS.

I am debating whether or not to pay this balance off on this card, due to their poor business practice at CAPITAL ONE......I may just walk away. That way it hurts both of us not just me!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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I suggest you play their game. If your credit is good, get a balance transfer with 0% interest (Discover has a great one for 2 years).

Have Discover pay off the capital one balance. Then call Capital One and tell them if they don't lower your interest rate, you will pay off the card to 0 balance, and then not use the card but will keep it open. Insist on talking to a supervisor, because first person never says yes (usually take 3 tries to get them to relent).

Then, whether they lower it or not, follow through. The next time you call them (say, in 6 months), I bet Capital One will be a lot more reasonable.