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CapitalOne sent me a my original contract when I purchased the vehicle where it states in very small letter that they can take my payment and use it however they want. horrible company i hope they fail and all their employees end up on the street like the dirt bags they are.

Original review posted by user Nov 18, 2012

Paid off my auto loan I paid 73 payments that I can verify with my bank but in reality paid 74 out of 72 and they are now telling me that I owe them more money 4500. I requested a payment history and what they sent me was shocking how they applied my payments some of my payments were nothing more than interest.

I fell on some hard times and paid late but ALWAYS paid the late fee, some of my payments went only to interest and 0 towards principal some of my payments that were late and I paid the late fee that late fee went towards interest. They have gone as far as using physical threats.

this is a horrible company what *** me off even more is that they got a bailout....I have had to hire a lawyer and submitted things to FDIC, consumer protections, BBB local state attorney. this company needs to be shut down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Loan.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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This is the stupideat thing I've ever read. How is it that the people who complain are the idiots who don't know what a simple intereat loan is.

It's them same with a mortgage so this person in for a big surprise if they ever get behind on one.

With a simple interest loan you pay interest daily & if you get behind you are paying interest in the days or months you are behind.

And just so you know with every loan whether personal or simple interest, the inter gets paid first than the princible.

So if you were only paying interest than you accured more interest being late than that payment amount was.

Paying only interest left nothing for the princible balance.

People should really understand financing before signing for a car, home, or credit card. And never sign for loan without giving yourself some financial cushion just in case you fall on hard times.

If you have a mechanical break down after having the car for a while, don't be surprised if the lian company still wants their money that month.

That is just good responsible managing of finances.


Please look up simple interest loan and you will see that interest accrues daily for life of the loan and if you are past due your payment is allocated from the last date of payment to the next...so more of your payment will allocate to interest than principal


So you have money to hire lawyers but you don't have money to make payments? And what does all that have to do with FDIC?


Hey now! We have I have jobs to lol! I don't agree with some things but don't wish that stuff on us lol.


they sure can!!!. You might want to file a complaint with consumerfinance.gov office also you might want to call your local attorney general and the sent something to the banking commissioner of Texas since that's where they are located.


Made 76 pmts. and still owe 2667.00 .00 on my loan.

Skipped 4pmts. and they were put on the end of my 72 mo.loan.

At the end of the loan they said I still owed 2667.00 in interest fees. Can they repo if u take your time to pay this off?