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Capitolone keeps saying that I'm one month behind every time I make a payement to get them current and then they say they put one month at the end of my auto loan then say that I'm still a month or two behind and will not send me a payement book let or switch my due advice to anyone is to not accept a credit card or loan thru this company it is a fraudulent company.I hope this company gets a full investigation on how they do business. Is there any going thru the same thing I'm going thru and then they harass u by calling u all day every day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Loan.

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I have a loan with cap 1. When i wanted a due date change cause it was due on 29th and my mortgage is due on the 1st.

It was explained to me clearly that i could not do a due day change until i got my account current. So i did & now my payment is due in the middle of the month.

So much easier to make my payments now. It was so hard before cause my 2 biggest bills were so close to each other.


But were you one month behind? Did you miss a payment?

I hate to see people complain when they miss payments and expect miracle to happen...


First of all you cannot change due date until account is brought current. Second you cannot just call in and ask for an extension without expecting to pay past due amount balance outside f one payment.

Third it's not harrassment. They have to call you everyday only way to stop calls is set up a valid payment arrangement.


Meadow sounds like a fool, always got something nice to say about a company everyone is complaining about their lending scams for people with no so good credit. You do see that mewdodoo comments are as if they are CEO of the ***, we plan to take those mf to the bank.


Yes and I have reported them as well as obtain a lawyer. The company needs to have to pay back everyone that has ever taken a loan out.

All their loans should be investigated because they are not servicing the less credit fortunate but antagonizing them because of their credit by ripping them off. I have contacted the Attorney General about this, and you should as well as all the rest of us so we can take them down dollar for dollar.


No one harrasses you. Pay your *** loan on time.


you must work for them mewdos. Their un professional, liars and their statements suck.

There is something wrong with that company.

Please everyone do not do business with these people.


How exactly is it that their statements suck?