Crystal Springs, Mississippi
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My father passed away 3 1/2 yrs ago he had loan with them which has been auto drafted since,my sister & I went in bank asking questions and brought copy of suscssion papers and ANOTHER copy of power of attorney for us since our Mother has altzheimers, well they now all they cans say is no longer auto draft payments since he is deceased??WTF!!! They send my Mother letters that send her in totlal panic since she does not comprehend any business .they will not talk to me or my sister since WE ARE NOT ON the LOAN!!!!

MY FATHER IS DEAD!!!! WE have NO PAYMENT COUPONS..NO ADDRESS TO MAIL PAYMENTS!!! and NO ONE HAS RETURNED MY CALL>>and whenI call their LOAN depatment I get a JAPANESE speaking woman who was RUDE!!!

All I want to do is get this set back up on auto withdraw pay. They have been the rudest and hardest people I have ever had to deal with....I live out of the state my Father dealt with, so easy for me to go to the branch he originally he had his dealings with.

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From my experience i suggest go online and sign up for online payments and set it have all the info. Or just pay the loan by check each month.

You do not have to deal with a hadful of unpleasant people and am sorry for this.

By law if there are two people on the loan like in your case your dad and mum, both are equally responsible even if one is deceased. So u should not have a problem if u mail in payments or try to set up online.