Madison, Wisconsin

Capitol One has been keeping me in a catch 22 style cyclical argument for some time. This has resulted in hundreds of dollars of un-authorized charges being put on my card and of course exorbitant interest charges (their cut).

In short I have tried to pay off and close my account. Capitol One refused numerous times to close the account, and to refuse further charges from companies that I have informed them have no permission or right to charge the account. Since they will not stop accepting fraudulent charges the account can never be paid off and their cut, the interest is assured to continue as well. Capitol One is using this to keep me in perpetual debt that can never be paid off.

No company, or individual has permission to charge the account nor have I initiated any charges of any kind in months. And yet the charges keep coming!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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Exact same problem with unauthorized charges being put on card and no respect for the card holder who is being billed for unauthorized charges. Capital One is a bunch of part-time dimwits in various 3rd world countries.

They don't have a clue how to protect a card holder's rights and the worst part is - they don't care.

I get the feeling they hire tons of unqualified, illiterate nobodies that they throw into their call center and then let them create *** and mayhem for the card holder. DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH CAPITAL ONE FOR YOUR OWN SAKE.


Try reporting your credit card as stolen. That would automatically cancel your current credit card and you will get a new credit card in the mail. That way, you can avoid the charges from the companies (since they have your old credit card number on file).