Rogers, Arkansas

I have an auto loan with capitol one. I am having financial difficulty and have told them about my problems.

I receive phone calls fromn them every 45 minutes. It is very frustrating. Additionally, they outsource their customer service to India and that is even more frustrating. I want to sell the call, and never do business with them ever.

has anyone else experienced this? They called me last night at 10pm.

I idnore the calls since I have already advised them.

I sent an email to their CEO but I do not expect any response. I would love to hear about other customers

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If and when you have a problem with Capital One or any other bank contact an attorney and have him contact the bank, or contact your local newspaper investigative reporter and have them look into the problem, bankers do not like bad publicity, or you could even contact your states attorneys office to look into the problem you are having.


We bought a new car and paid always 20 to 50 dollars over the payment amount.Then when construction in the area was hit hard with the recession we fell behind.The calls came quick and in a fury , all from India,We made arrangements and hours leter the calls would start again.7 to 10 x a day 7 days a week.My mom had died of cancer and we were in the funenral procedings in church i politly told them i would deal with it later that day ,so why did they proceed to call theirafter that day every 10 minutes.That cuased me major emotional distress,and i'm not one that believes heavily in that but that did .total disrespect ,they hide behind their automated call up system.What i do know is any future credit with any affiliation with them i'll tear that contract up and do without,never again. :( :(


You owe them money, so pay now or stop this BS,

Don't have money don't buy a car........


This outrage needs to stop. Capital One may have the right to call and leave a message once per day, But they sure don't have the right to make a dozen calls and invade the privacy of consumers.

Times are tough enough. This conduct is excessive. This kind of customer treatment eventually becomes well known and customers walk away. The company needs to be made to stop these robo-calls.

Congress can do it. Let your voice be heard.


:( I received 12 phone calls yesterday (Sunday) between the hours of 1:30pm & 8pm. They called my job twice today and hung up the phone just to see if someone would answer, I picked up the phone and the person ask if I was here when I ask who was speaking they would not give much information.

I refuse to speak to them because I feel like I am being harrassed. I am 2 weeks late with my payment and will pay them when I get my next pay check in 4 days .....Why can't they wait 4 days :?. I'm a good person I pay them on-time I have just been having a few problems in the past few months and they have been horrible. The sad part of it all is that the bank that I got the car loan from was purchased by Capital One so I am being forced to deal with these people.

They never properly notified me that they had the loan.

One day I get a phone call oh we have aquired loans from Norfolk bank and this is how you will pay us.... :cry :(


Capital One needs to look at how they contact their current customers. Calling every 30 minutes and every phone you own and from various numbers (trying to be tricky).

We are all adults and know when our payments are due.

You don't have to keep reminding me, I am not 12. They could save money by letting some of these folks that constatantly calling go.


Guys i just wana let u know if you use the credit card you should pay on time this is your responsibility but don,t say they are ripp off. For example if you havent pay your bills from last 5 month, you want them sit and relax and wait for another 10 years for there money to be rcvd and you guys complain about apr% just for your knowledge apr% always go up when they didnt rcv the money for next 3 month and account pastdue and after that they send those account to internal or outsource collection


Wanna hear something really funny. Capital One called me this AM telling me that I hadnt paid my last bill.

Mind you, I got my bill yesterday that showed I HAD paid the bill. (I pay my bill in full each month) On top of that, I log into my bank account and the check had been cashed by Capital One. Then, after the person from Egypt or whereever said it was a mistake, "she found it" and then asked how much I was paying this month on my bill.... The same one that is not due until June 15th!!!

She argued with me that it was important that she makes a note of it..

LOL, I just turned the phone off.... The stupidity of these people.


Maybe if you all had anything other than *** credit you wouldn't be experiencing these problems. If you don't pay your bills, this is what happens.

You're all responsible and pay for what you agreed to pay!!! No sympathy.


I also have an auto loan with them. I've made my payments, granted not always on time due to financial fluctuations, however I have made ALL of my payments.

I recently asked for a transaction history because a payment was not applied to my loan as it should've been. I can not tell you the shock I experienced when looking at how they've posted my payments. The took it upon themselves to post interest only payments on my loan, more than once, instead of posting my payment as they should.

When I called to speak with a Supervisor I was advised it is not uncommon for a company to use a monthly payment as an INTEREST ONLY payment and ADVANCE the due date 30 days. HOW CAN COMPANIES DO THIS!!!????


I get phone calls all the time! I got so tired of telling them how im struggling and I'm trying.

They are sueing me for $1,500 *** credit card. Its actuality only $500.00 The rest if *** interest fees. SUCKS! They wont work with me.

I pay school loans, car payments and rent and other things to stay alive in this world. I'm trying to do the best I can.

They don't care. Can they do this?