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Had Capitol One card, got laid off and used paymen t protection. Capitol One added over draft fees, lates fees on when there was not over the limit, was not late.

Paid account in full when returned to work on 01/04/2010. Managers had removed all fees that were fraudulently applied. Went to court on 01/23/2012 and Capitol Ones Attny had it dismissed. Judge signed the paperwork 3 weeks later as there were no costs or fees to either party.

On 03/15/12 receive bill from Capitol One with added court fees. That is blantant disregard for court order.

I will be posting all over internet copies of bills with fraudulent fees, court order and the new bill. I am going to storngly suggest that anyone who has Capiyol One for a credit card do a forensic research on their account to have all fraudulent fees removed as this is common practice for them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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I have gone thru the courts, have a dismissal from a judge, have sent copies of the fraudulent fees on the statements (actual copies of statements)to government agencies, Capitol One and Credit bureau reporting a copy of the judgement. Capitol One Attorney had the case dismissed and would not go to trial due to the fraudulent fees showing on the account.

I have done everything to get this off, credit report, sending copy of judgement, Capitol One Attny has all original Statements showing the fraudulent fees (reason for dismissal) there is not one Government agency that you contact that will actually look at the statements and send a letter without a Capitol One letter head. Those people get bonus by what is collected. I pray for them Romans 12:19 - 21.

I am a Mortgage Loan Counselor and see alot of those types of people that will lie to customers to get bonus, That is wrong and I do not understand how greed became the most important thing in peoples lives. If we do the right thing by other people the rewards will come honestly.



That card has been shut down for over 2 years, paid off for uver 2 years. I am making sure everyone who encounters them knows going in they are a fraudulent company.

We just need the Government to get involved or an Attorney who is not afraid to go after them, so far ther aren't any attorneys willing to take them on. Sad really.


I hope you closed the account considering you posted your credit card number online.


My advice: ignore any and all bills from Capitol One. Your credit has already been affected and not paying what you consider erroneous charges will not help.

You might wish to send a certified letter to them outlining why you believe the charges are erroneous. If you wish to obtain a free credit report with a free credit score, go to "creditkarma.com"

Just follow the directions. They have ads trying to get you to apply for a new card, etc. based on your results, but just say not, etc.

The end result will be interesting and a way to check your credit score for free and see if there are any adverse items on your credit report. By the way, never, ever pay for "payment protection" etc.

from credit card companies. A waste of money.