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First, I have been a GM Card holder for years and then comes Capitol One. They merge, buy out or something along that line.

Now its Capitol One/GM Card. I have always paid my bills on time, pay using my financial institutions electronic pay method (have for years). My most recent experience goes like this, Payment due 6/10, Payment Sent 6/3, Capitol One Receives and makes note on the back on 6/5, Clears my account on 6/6, 6/10 Late Fee Charge, 6/11 I Called C.O. says they have not received a payment, While out of state on 6/15 tried to purchase tank of gas and card denied.

I called again now learn they found my payment on 6/11 but card is denied due to NO PAYMENT! After an hour or more on the phone supervisor was able to make some changes to the system which allowed me to use the card again. I was informed the large payment would be posted to my account on Monday or Tuesday. As of 6/19 the payment has not been posted to my account.

I can produce a copy of the check sent to Capitol One with their stamp on the reverse side. They have either a serious internal processing problem or have contracted a cancer of incompetence! On an average we spend about $254,000 a year using this card.

Since I no longer have faith in their ability to function competently, I will be looking for another company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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Same issue with me. I too had a GE card and Capital One took it over.

Never had any issues prior to Capital One. But holy ***, since Capital One I have experienced one payment nightmare after another.

They must have complete *** in both their CS department and AR department. I have since paid the card off, closed the account and vowed never to have anything to do with Capital One again.


I have nothing but trouble with my Capital ONE accounts, my IRA's and even cashing in government bonds/ They seem to screw up everything they do.

My time with them is going to be very limited.


Couldn't agree with you more. One of my credit cards was recently acquired by Capital One.

Previously had the card for 9 years, never made a late payment. Capital One has raised my interest rate, increased the minimum amount due, and changed the due date. Called to complain and ask for a reduction in the int rate, customer service agent giggled bizarrely throughout the call, and just said "sorry we can't help you" Cancelled the card.

He had the nerve to say they were sorry to lose such a valued customer. Think we all know that's complete bu!!$hit.