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Beware if you owe money to Capitol One, and they call you to set up a payment. While there's nothing wrong or illegal about this, be careful.

While your caller ID may read that the call is coming from the United States or Canada, when you answer the phone it will transfer you to their NEW collections department in India or the Phillipines. Always ask which country the person is calling from regardless of what your caller ID reads. When you say "helllo" two or three times, their phone systems is set up to transfer you to their collectiosn office in India. Not to mention a rude person, with a thick accent.

Usually the caller ID will read something like, "215" or "919", which both are in the United States, but wil transfer you to a person in India. While I'm all for paying off my bill and not doing business with them again, I don't think it's right that someone ten thousand miles away should be calling me about my Capitol One account in Maryland.

If you do business in America, then DO IT FROM AMERICA, not from a country ten thousand miles away.

If your really fed up with Capitol One, like I am, Then write directly to their Board of Directors, and tell them your not paying your bill until you speak with an OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES, with a PERSON YOU CAN UNDERSTAND, who doesn't have a thick accent and speaks quickly.

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This is a repost that I am posting on every Cap one post in hopes that no one will give this company the time of day.

Had our account for 11 years.

NEVER a late payment and always a good customer. We got a "change of terms" in the mail stating that our interest rate was going from 10.5% to 17.99%!!! I called and asked them why and after waiting 20 minutes on hold I got to speak to a person I could not understand and only told me that it was stated on my change of terms mail why. No it wasn't I said.

They finally told me that it was because of my account activity. I asked what exactly they meant because I have an excellent record with them. She told me she couldn't say why. I closed my account.

No more credit cards for us. If anyone is thinking of getting a new credit card right now, please think it through and don't forget to read any fine print.


This is an update on my previous post. I've found a way for them to get the message. Call them and set up payment arrangements, and then tell them that you don't like the way they treat their customers. All the conversations they have with customers are recorded, and if enough people do this, maybe they will get the message. It's better than getting sued. Someone at Capital One must be listening to these recordings, and maybe the right person will hear them and get the message.




:( I deal with Capital One in 2 different ways. I have a credit card, or should I say HAD a credit card with them, and I have a car loan.

My car loan is current, fine, and have no issues except when Im told that I am elligible for an extension every 6 months but get the run around each time I need a little extra time. My credit card however is another story. I closed this account in 2006! I did it over the phone and was done.

Well learn from my mistake. Apparently the great *** I was working with didn't completely close it out because I was still receiving interest charges for the past 2 years! It was a $300 credit card that was paid off and closed and is now a $1,000 credit card that has completely jacked my credit all to you know where and has the meanest debt collectors calling my phone constantly! I ignored them because I thought they were telemarketers and AR has a real issue with telemarketers calling your cell phones.

Anyway, moral of the story, get a dang confirmation when closing a card.

As for the collection agency, he is a total ***. His name is John Balmer and if I ever meet this man face to face, with his military acting, wanna be hard ***, I swear I will sue him for harrassment and shut his business DOWN!


What you say may make sense, but I can assure you their lawyer will be from the United States and probably from your own town, and the court will be real close to you, and the bank that you will not have as much money in after they win the judgement is probably close too.

You can make all the statements and protest all you want. You will pay in American dollars