Reston, Virginia
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paid off capitol one auto loan 1 year early with cash at their own bank.

waited a day or two then called to get my title,they told me cash was not ceritified funds and i would have to wait 3-4 weeks to get it. after complaining to supervisor.

still had to wait,after 4 weeks called and was told it was sent out.after a week or two still did not recive it.called back to complain again they said the only thing they could do was send me a lein release,another 7-10 it would take.after reciving it this week went to DMV in NJ. after 1 hr at the DMV telling me it will cost 60 dollars the lein release did not have year or make on back to calling CAPITOL ONE to complain again

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Capital One lost my title too, supposedly, and I wasn't able to register my car in my new state of residence so they eventually repossessed it. Now I've learned that they sold it at auction with a phony title and tried to scam me out of a huge deficiency balance with a fraudulent sale. They are being sued.