Columbus, Ohio
Not resolved

Back in mid December, I received a credit line increase on my Capitol One credit card, shortly thereafter I received a letter from Cap One with checks to use to make it easy to use the increase. I did and wrote a check in late december for $1000 to a company.

About Jan 24th, I received a letter from Cap One that they had made an error and the credit line increase in December was somehow doubled in error and that they had reduced the credit line - 2 days later I received a notice from the company I had written the check to that it had bounced! I can understand making an error but they should honor committments. I contacted Cap On their "Secure" email many times and all I received was "sorry and tough" replys. I am 60 years Old and have never written a bad check until Cap One came along.

I have taken care of the bad check and have also filed complaints with the Attorney General.. All I can say is If you get a increase from Cap One, Never use the checks - they will turn you into a criminal bad check writer!

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