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I sent the following email to Capitol One today 8th April 2010 - 'For the second time your *** system does not recognise my Username (my email address) or Password (which is correct) then when I go to the forgot Password Area it asks me Security questions which are irrelevant - for example my mother never had a middle name and I did not provide the licence plate of my first car, then I try again and it doesn't recognise my email address despite the fact that you sent me an email telling me my Statement was ready to view online !!!.

I spoke to someone about this on the telephone about 2 weeks ago and it was allegedly sorted.

If I make a late payment because of your useless website it will be your fault, not mine.

Please issue me with paper statements again, as your online system is a shambles'.

They are useless.

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AMEN! So Glad I haven't switched to paperless


your changes make it almost impossible to sign in for statementYou ask for a mobile phone. I do not have one


I have called CapitalOne 800-955-7070, requesting a paper bill on my CapitalOne Visa account numerous times (4 times, to be exact) and, as yet, have not received a bill. My account was blocked, I believe, in either March or April for non-payment.

WELL DUH how am I supposed to pay the freaking account if they won't send me a bill?????? This is EXTREMELY disconcerting as I fear their stupidity will affect my, excellent, credit rating through no fault of my own.


Be careful of identity theft. My closed checking account was reactivated by someone and he was issued an ATM/Debit Card which gave him access to all my active accounts and he had a real party taking my money.

It's over two months now and the problem has not been resolved.

My accounts have been placed on hold and it's inconvenient to access it. Change banks if you can.


I too have paid my bill online for several years now, and last month (March) my password did not work. When I tried the only two passwords I would use for this account, neither were correct. When i attempted to change my password the system gave me security questions which I never chose (didn't even possibly know the answers to a couple of questions).

I tried to send them an email regarding this problem, but you have to have the three digit number on the card including the account number. I haven't used my account in two years, so I had torn up my card (since it is closed - by Capitol One) and the three digit number isn't any place.

I then called their online security number and they said I had changed my password last month (March) which was not true because that was the first month i couldn't access my online account and had to pay via the phone. That's when I first encountered the wrong security questions.

The online security rep. told me that I'll need to pay via the phone now, since they can't correct the problem. What the ____? I believe this is all in order to get people to miss their payment date. They are such crooks.