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I Agree ! Capitol One is ripping us off and the Government needs to do something now!@!!!!

They jacked up my credit card rate from 7.9% to 17.9%. I'm sure they're doing this becuase of the state of the economy and the fact that the average person isn't spending money. That doesn't make it right and something needs to be done NOW! It;s B.S. that they think it's OK.

If anyone else is being Screwed by this bank, PLEASE post it. The only way we're going to change things is if people grow the b---s and speak up.

SCrew the banks! POWER TO TH PEOPLE

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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Capital One, increased up my credit card rate from 7.9% to 17.9%. This I heard is a common practice to lock consumers into the *** of no return, as the drain every single dime.

The first month I discovered this, I paid my account off in full. This was over 10,000... I had this luxury, but sadly this fraudulent act is done to many who don't have this kind of cash-flow.

After, I paid it off in full, I ask them to refund the difference between the two rate cause I was not aware of the rate increase since I had been an excellent consumer. What was very telling, is the refusal. What was clear is their action did exactly what it was intended to do!

Shake me down for extra money!

On another note.. I used one of the (0) zero interest checks, only to discovered after tow months that instead of (o)zero rate, they charged me at the rate of 18%, along with charging a transaction fee.

As far as I'm concerned, Capital One is at the top of the fraudulent credit companies in the world!

I for one, have cancelled my credit with them and will never use them ever!!!!

Warn your friends and loved ones, before it's too late!


Totally agree. Not only with their cards but also their banking.

The customer service is super horrible and they purposefully hold on to my deposits to earn more money on interest rather than pay pending charges in my account.

they do not value their customers or their employees. The only thing they value is money, and they do so at your expense.


*** them max the card and screw capital one dont pay.They will learn a lesson for be a rip off company. :p


F* capital one piece of sh*


Credit cards are out to make money. If you can't pay the monthly balance, then STOP charging items on it!!

I have a credit card with a 19% interest, but I pay off the balance EVERY month!!


:( I had my card for over a year before I activated it.Was out of work due to injuries so had to use it.Always paid but one time being late my bill went from $25 one month to $300 the next.I received 10-15 calls a day.I tried talking to them and worked out a plan but they only kept charging me fees upon fees which put me over the limit and then stopped getting bills..then out of nowhere without warning I get a letter from my local court that they are suing me and have a court date.My bill was only a little over $700 to begin with...now they are saying I owe over $2500 And havent used the card..Ive not been to court yet and really dont know how to deal with this considering due to disabilities Ive still not returned to work..I feel for anyone who has had to deal with Capitol ONe


I fell for their 0% cash transfer offer for 12 month. When I got my first bill, they charged me 300 in interest.

When I called them they said that I had missed the deadline for the offer. When I told then I had the offer letter and the cancelled check that showed that I did not miss the deadline, I was tansferred to 8 different people. Finally I just hung-up. I then send them a check paying off the loan and included the 300 dollars in interest.

I then received another bull for 750 dollars for a "loan processing fee". How can these get away with this???

Next time they ask you "What's in you wallet? answer "you can bet your @##@#@ i's not you".


I work with Capital One Bank. They cut down on our hours, so there is always a huge line of customers in the bank.

Customers are always complaining about the line.

Capital One production has decreased because they don't really care about thier customers or employees. They faced a deficit in revenue until they merged with Chevy Chase Bank.


They really put the screws to me. I had a loss of income.

I called them to try and work a deal with them. They finally after two months and late fees decided to work with me. Then three months later they decided to charge the account off due to they said it was 5 months late. What the heck happened to the three payments I gave them.

Now they want double the monthly payment that I had to beigin with. I paid them on time except for two payments.

They are a rip off company and guess what I will just have to bend over and take it. The laws on on the side of these people.


I called in a payment last week and recieved a phone call today notifing me i was turned into collection for non payment. i had payment arrangement set up for this past friday but called in a few days before and made my payment.

So i argued that with 3 different people well now they say my card had an error, kinda funny it works for all our other bills except them. what a joke. i also recieved an email stating if i made a payment before march 10th i wouldnt fall into collection well today is the 2nd and i was turned in last week. i would never advise this company to anyone they are rip offs.

my rate also went up and my limit i set was $500 its now over $700 due to their interest rates.

rediculous. i have good credit as well, due to being cut back on hours at work i was a payment late, but um $200 is way far fetched for late fees and such.


Why not go bankrupt for Capital one? And the federal court should put a charge to such a scam company.

I have used the balance transfer once and they changed the rate from 0 to about 12% six months early and never notified me. when inquired over the phone, they said that it is six months even I have the offer letter to show it is for 12 months.



I opened an account with capitol One 15 years ago. I sent them $500 to open a Credit account.

They took out $60 processing fees and left me with $440 in my initial account. It was basically a debit account because I received no credit from them. I maxed my card out and closed it. I did not receive a penny credit from them, only the money I put into the account.

15 years later they are demanding I pay them $500. How the *** do I owe them anything?


I had excellent credit and a 7.9% interest rate w/Cap One. Had the card for over 10 years.

Always paid the minimum or more. Two accidental late payments within a year (2009) and they jacked my rate up to 23.15%!!! When I realized the 2nd pymt was late and paid by phone w/in 3-4 days, was assured by Cust Svc Rep that my rate would NOT go up (just to get my payment), and have been lied to ever since by every level of Cust Svc, Supervisor, etc. They will do anything to get a payment, and only apply to your interest.

Now I can't make my payments and they are NOT willing to work with me! Their "trick" is to jack your interest rate as high as possible - I have NEVER had a card with a rate nearly this high - and see what they can squeeze out of you. They are RUTHLESS, MEAN LIARS!

PLEASE DESTROY YOUR CARDS AND DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS RIP-OFF COMPANY!!! Any suggestions how to deal with this ***-sucking company are welcome.


Capitol One has been ripping me off for some time I can't ever get ahead.Please I need help.


I have been with Capital One since 1996. Back then my credit limit was a joke.

Did some research and learned how to jack that up, that helped, but its still very low compared to my other accounts, again, very low credit limit. Capital One gives no regards for customer loyalty.

Now that their rates have gotten much worse as they look for ways to rip people off, I will just have to take the dip in my credit score by cancelling a this credit card with long history, rather than paying an annual fee for a rediculous rate, a laughable credit limit, and NO REWARDS. There are other departments within CapitalOne, they are very good (I had a health loan with one of them, GREAT customer service, they actually call you to see how your finances are doing, and call and work with you before they assess fees unlike the Cap1 credit card.


My rate also went from 5.99 to 17.9 after six months. The thing is they specifically told me my rate would never go up!

I called they said that they sent a letter out telling thier customers that the rates would go up. My theory is they wanted to jack the rates up BEFORE the law diallowing such practices went into effect.

Let me ask you this, what good is a FICO score of 801 if you get stuck paying 17.9% interest. It's all a *&^ing scam!


Agree ... scammed by the same 0% "convenience" checks!

Sure, that balance is zero percent, but then EVERYTHING else that you charge to the card is charged at your interest rate with no grace period. So, even if you pay off all transactions each statement, you are still charged interest. What REALLY *** me off, is that I called and specifically asked about the transaction balance and was told that there would be no finance charge as a result of the "convenience" checks if I paid off my transactions each month. LIERS!

SCAMMERS! CROOKS! Spent hours on the phone on Saturday!

Great, now I'm left with a card that I cannot use ... some convenience that check was!


Well here we are again with Big Business getting away with Lie's, and Deception just so thwey can get your hard earned money. CapOne sent me some 0% checks to use/cash (after opening up a new account with them).

They said their would be 0% intrest for one year... Ha Ha... Right, the next month, they chaged me 17.99%. When I spoke with a senior Acct Rep, they said I was mistakenly told that it would be 0% intrest.

I went on to tell them, that I would never have used the checks, if I knew their was a 17.99% intrest charge.... CapOne Rep just said they appologize for telling me that, but I would have to pay the 17.99%. Now, here's my question... how can a bank loan you money, and tell you its 0% for the first year, and then Regular rates apply after that, then say Oops we told you that in error.

NOT MY ERROR CAPONE. Now you need to honor the deal you made.

DECEPTION, LIES, GREED. I'll be taking out a personal loan to pay it off, and stuff their account up their tale!!!


Just switched to their "Venture Signature" card. I've been putting a lot more on the card so that the 1.25 miles per dollar will help me buy a plain ticket for a wedding.

However, I noticed that my interest rate had shot up from 9.24 to 17.9, 6 months ago.

I don't carry a balance and have had no late payments. I will be cancelling my account as soon as i use up the miles.


capitol one is a huge rip off i went 1 doller over my limit and they charged me 35.00 because i went over so then i paid them off and then they slap me with a fee of 57.00 i hate them so much ***