Riverside, California
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I just got a capitol one credit card. Worst mistake ever.

They won't even let me log into my account online. They asked me to fax them all my personal information drivers licesnse, checking account information and even my social security number. They already verified my information when I signed up. The lady in the fraud dept I spoke to didn't barley speak english and was rude as ***.

I got transfered 3 times before speaking to the right person. What's up with these ***. I hate this company already.

Don't go with capitol one they will try to ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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I've been attempting to access my account for 7 hours now. It keeps telling me my cookies are disabled.

This is *** ridiculous!

I just want to pay these people so I may continue on with my life. :upset


I have been trying to access my account for 3 days, keeps telling me my browser's cookies are disabled, they are not! I've had nothing but problems with this account!

They have been charging my account for 2 years for something online I did not join!

I requested it to be removed and they still continue to take money out!!!!!!! Just a warning"STAY AWAY FROM CAPITAL ONE!!!!!!!