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I teach lesson and bring in 4 or 5 checks a week. I have had a personal account with Chevy Chase Bank for 12 years and now it is Capitol One. First Chevy Chase and Now Capitol one keep bugging me to open a business account. They keep at it so much its *** me off. Everytime I show up with a few checks>>"DO you have a business?" yeah... "open a business account.. do you want to talk to somebody.... what do I look like I need intervention? I bet if I ever see a guy in line with a gun and a note the note is going to say.. just deposit my checks and button your mouth about opening another account.

They're like a frenzied rabid bunch of pests. new bank account paparazzi.

I sleep on the floor of a puny room and send checks to pictures of starving kids someone sends me in the mail. then I buy my food at the dollar store and look for almost expired fish that's half off.

What the *** does that bank want with another account? Do I look like I want to have 2 times the slow transactions and clutter of paper?

I ride my bike in there and my costume is rags. Those people are mentally ill. They ought to sell everything they have and give to the poor and try to get a reward in heaven.

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I work for the bank. We are supposed to ask every customer about opening accts.

etc. We are chastised if we do not get enough "referrals" each month. The bankers make good money for opening accts.

and selling other products to customers. Do not be so hard on the tellers(lowest paid employees).