After 14 years with Capitol One they've decided to jack up my interest rate 100% this coming January 2010.

I have NEVER been late with a payment in all that time and almost always pay well over the minimum due.

My credit score hovers 800 give or take.

I've had 4 or 5 bank loans within the past 14 years and ALL are paid off and paid years before the term of said loans.

When January gets here I will have finished paying off that card and be finished with the idiots that govern Capitol One's policies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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they cant raise your rate by 100% that doesnt happen


If you are on Facebook...join the group "Boycott Capital One." Unfortunately there is more than one of these groups so join the one that is the largest.


Butt Heads...that's too good for those scumbags that run Capital One. Capital One deserves to go bankrupt. Every one of their customers should leave and let this inept company collapse on itself!


Capital One raised my rates on the 2 cards that I had with them without notifying me so i am just going to pay the minimun required until March of 2010 then I qualify to file bankruptcy again so that is what they will get in return from me for doing this. If they had left me alone they would have gotten their money but being they were butt heads they will not be getting their money back. In my opinion they deserve to get screwed.

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