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I had a car financed through Onyx for over 3 years with paying almost 10,000 on a 13,000 loan. I fell behind by 2 car payments due to difficult times.

I did a voluntary car turn back with Onyx. Onyx said said I would not be "upside down" when I did this but did not put it in writing as the company is out of town from me. Due to having a high interest rate, I ended up owing still around 6000 on the car. After I turned the car over, I did not hear anything back from Onyx.

About 6 months after that, I received a call from Capital One stating they either merged with the company or bought the company therefore they had the contract for my car loan. Long story short, I made payment arrangements with Capital One in the amount of 100.00 a month on a "settlement amount" via electronic payments. I was making these payments for over a year without fail. 2 months ago, I received a threatening call from them stating that if I don't start paying 350.00 a month, they will sue me.

It's been an extreme hardship on me and they won't keep my payment arrangements straight when I tell them I can make the payments. I pay the 2nd payday of every month but they get this messed up sometimes because I'm paid every two weeks and the days change. This week I called to let them know the date of my 2nd payday and the person I spoke with said no problem and we decided on a date of the 25th. Shortly after that I received another call from a different person stating their "check" went out to my bank already and if I have ISF, it will negate the settlement and I will lose the money toward it.

They stopped the original payments and demand more by threats.

They identify that they are from the pre-legal department for Capital One.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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I work at Cap 1 what u people r sayin is *** that's not how we get down u just want someone 2 feel bad 4 u u made the purchase u should have read the contract it is what it is and at the end of the dqy its business as usual


I have had Capital One Card before everything was great having it at first with a Credit limit of $500. I was making my payments on time until I lost my job, so I couldn't pay for it no then and I had already informed them of this matter.

I received a letter saying they are taking me to court and the bill was $1800 including court cost and attorney fees ( but interest still was $1300). I went to court they said I can pay $70 a month and I called the Lawyer company to make the payment they said I need to pay $150 a month no less I told them I couldn't pay that much he told me well we're gonna garnish you(ridiculous)and didn't want to offer me a settlement so now I'm paying $150 a month the lawyer company wont even send me a statement of what is my remaining balance Im thinking Im almost done with the bill but now they're saying I owe $700 left because of interest is being added on to that. They are the devil When I had Capital One card my credit score was 650 now it is 485. They are a mess with themselves, I will not use them ever again and won't recommend nobody else to do so.

Also my mom has her car finance through them , she is set up on a automated draft on a certain date, they will take it out of her account before that date that they suppose to, which it make her bank give her overdraft fees each time because there is no money in there then and this been going on for about 6 months.

She have repeatedly told them take her off the automated draft payments they still havent did it. They are horrible.


I can relate to your concern about Capital One my advice to you is make sure you keep up with all dates and payments with them,because they have people working for them that are neglectful of their customers needs.They tell u one thing and it never gets done in the way they explain it,so make sure your records are right.


and let them know you did not AUTHORIZE that "check" they are trying scare tactics that are ILLEGAL!!! they cannot process a check without your permission.

If you already made an agreement date then that is the date YOU need to make sure it gets there they are NOT allowed to submit it ahead of time. (you should NEVER give a post dated check just for this purpose)