Columbus, Ohio

I called capital one to complain about the 59.00 membership fee. I requested that the fee be dropped or i would close the account.

They insisted there was nothing they could do so i told them to close the account and return my membership fee. They tolld me that it was to late now and that i had 30 days to have requested it from the date it was billed. Oh this all took place on Sept. 8/2010.

I also submitted a complaint to the better business bureau.

Oh and reguardless of what they might say i have had this account for over ten years with an excellent history. However the $59.00 must have ment more to them than my years as a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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you: If the account is expired why do you keep charging membership fee's I must not be a member if my account is expired.

you: I know my golf resort doesn't change me membership if my account is expired...

you: because I don't get the service of the card, to be charged a membership fee.

Lee: I understand what you mean but let me also tell you that this fee is due even if you do not use your card.

you: It's not about using the card, it's about the ability to use the service...

you: I do not have the ability to use the card, it was refused when I went to get gas today...

you: you said the account was expired.

you: Lee: But I see that your account now is expired. You can certainly request a replacement card by calling our toll free customer service number.

Lee: Yes, that's right. You account is expired but not closed.

Lee: Unless your account is closed the membership fee will still be charge.

you: so the membership fee is charged even if I don't have the right to use the card???

you: good to see that membership has it's privilages...

Lee: The membership fee will be charge although you do not use your card.

you: Then can I turn my card into a VentureOne card... at $59 a year I at least get milage for using it...

Lee: I'm sorry we do not have an upgrade offer on the account at this time.

you: You can't do anything with the account - like me - because its expired but not closed so you can continue to change me a fee for a card I can't use...


Seems this is the common thing with Capital one now... Going to have to jump ship as they have a $5 monthly fee now... Check out Chase, good rates and no membership fees.


Dont be fooled by their "no hassle" bull crao they are feeding people. They charged me a membership fee when in the contract there is no such thing. They are nothing but scammers and I hope no one applies for their nasty credit card bc you will regret it like how I did.


I have had a Capital One card for nearly 3 years. Small limit of only $300.

They just started charging me a $3 monthly fee as well. I asked why and pretty much they stated they are doing that to everyone now b/c they have 24/7 customer service, great fraud protection, and there was something else that was *** he said to make the fee look significant. Yeah whatever! Hardly not worth having.

My interest rate is 5.9% which is why i still have it. After figuring up their monthly *** it comes to 17.9%. They just put that extra in as a "small membership fee" so you won't feel like your getting dooped. So even if I spend nothing my interest rate is 12% lol.

Plus I have their payment protection plan which is 10% of your balance. Seems the protection plan would fall under their "awesome" new monthly fee. Nope it's still extra! So their little plan is more than my interest rate all together, which is once again, (done mathematically) 12%.


Please keep in mind they just paid out a huge lawsuit that was filed against them b/c they wasn't paying out for their "payment protection plan" when people claimed it. So they are trying to compensate for their loss b/c they screwed people.


Yes , same here. I have two cards, a 500 dollar card from college days and a more recent one, both advertised as no annual fee when I signed up.

Now I am to pay 120 dollars a year for the priveledge of carrying their card? when all my other cards are no annual fee? Oh, and I pay for customer service calls now too. Goodbye capital one forever and they told me they would rather lose a customer than cut the annual fee.

Be careful, new customers, they promise no annual fee and will change to annaul fee whenever they want. No thanks


Seemes they are doing this to everyone. I was notified by mail that both my capital one cards are now going to each have $60 yearly membership fees each. My credit history is excellent with them as well, I am so pissed off at this.