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Update by user Dec 15, 2013

Here is a new url to visit regarding the Capital One Class Action:


I will be launching this action very soon. Still very interested in hearing from any Canadians that paid the $29.00 over limit fee. Did Capital One ever disclose the fee to you in writing, in the exact amount?

Original review posted by user Aug 19, 2010

I am organizing a class action Lawsuit against Capital One Canada and looking for anyone that has been charge excessive fees by Capital One, especially the $29.00 over limit fee, on a credit card, line of credit, mortgage or auto loan.

I have had an account with Capital One since about 2003/2004 time frame, since having their credit card they have had me in their system that I am deceased, then credit counseling, when none of that was true. I have also paid numerous $29.00 over limit fees to Capital One over the years. I personally feel these additional fees are excessive and unfair.

Check out the Class Action Page here: http://www.myvilistings.com/Capital%20One%20Class%20Action.htm


C.V. Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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Worst customer service ever. You reach people that can't speak english.

Very disorganized and a lot of time placed on hold.

Even their Canadian staff admit they receive a lot of complaints about language barriers, but the Upper management do not listen...



I'm in the same boat. Had a financial setback and went over my limit.

I thought it was $29 just when you went over but it's $29 per month while over!

But if you can only afford a small payment you never get below the limit. $29 + $47 Interest - $50 Payment....the balance goes up $26 at least


In other words, you brought this upon yourself by your lack of managing your own account.


Has there been any progress on this? My bank of Montreal card also charges me over limit fees.


Has any progress been made on this? I am a lawyer who teaches banking law at Carleton University in Ottawa and have in mind several arguments to the effect that the over-limit fee is illegal under existing laws.

@Sam Schwisberg

Sam I would like to talk to you more about this. Feel free to send me an email: calebmancan@yahoo.com


Thanks Eileen. Yes still gathering people to participate.

Thanks for coming forward on what you have been dealing with too.

you can reach me at calebmancan@yahoo.com put in the subject line class action capital one canada. Thanks...


I too got "other charges" which were 89.00, a hike from the 29.00. Everytime I think I have a contact number it's not working.

These fees like Money Mart and Cash Store must be illegal. The class action against these stores was won.

Let me know what this involves.