Carrollton, Georgia
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I received my monthly statement notice on line on or about 10/09/2018 and sent a payment of $400.00. Upon checking my checking account I realized I had a lot more in it than I realized and went back and paid the account in full as shown on-line. My Credit union posts payments directly to Capital One, not by mail so it was paid no later than the next day.

On approximately 10/31/2018 I received notice I still owed less than $20.00 which I assumed was interest. I had paid off the account through my Credit Union (several thousand dollars) in full on the date of receipt of the statement.

Additionally, I inadvertently paid the (less than $20.00) "interest" payment again on 11/11/2018. (MY SHAME)

Needless to say when I was billed for what I think was a fraudently charge I destroyed, mutilated, cut up and returned my credit cards to Capital One with a close out my account letter and enjoy your ill gotten gains.

No longer a Capital One Customer because of their accounting system and lack of concern for customers. I may have beek in my assumption that accounts paid off upon receipt of the statement did not accrue interest.

I also learned since then that Capital One is probly the sleaziest Credit Card company in operation. Let the customer beware.


Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Platinum Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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