I decided that I needed to write a review for Capital One...as I have purchased the last two vehicles I've owned with the help of their financing. So, basically, they have managed my auto finance for the past five years or so.

I am currently in the process of purchasing a third vehicle and CarMax submitted my info to several auto financial institutions; several of them came back with approvals and, as I am quite unfamiliar with most of them, I decided to check their online reviews. I came across a few "negative" reviews on Capital One...who I checked last, simply to see how they stacked up against the others...who were basically crucified in all of the reviews they received (from literally hundreds of consumers - some right here). I felt the need to counteract the garbage that I found out there regarding Capital One with something good, sensible, and true.

In all the time I have had loans with Capital One, I have never, ever had to deal with bad customer representatives (although I make it a point not to ever really need to speak to customer service...because if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, and they are doing what they should...then there is no real reason to call or contact them...right?). My paycheck is direct-deposited into my bank...and my car payments are auto-deducted on one of my pay dates each month. All is well with the world...in MY world, anyway.

Prospective Capital One consumers, you should read the negative reviews for yourself; but what you're going to find is that the folks who are complaining are absolute *** They actually expect the financial institutions to "work" with them when they fall behind in their payments or give them "a break" when they have to go as far as repossession. Business 101: Unless you are a non-profit organization, you are in business to make money...and even non-profits have to make money! When it comes to "special" loans as some of these folks qualify for, there is no "break". That only leads to financial institutions losing millions of dollars to dead-beat loan recipients.

If you are truly trying to start over and give yourself a hand up, and the folks at Capital One decide to give you an opportunity to get on the right track with your finances, then do yourself a favor and follow the rules. Be serious about getting yourself out of any financial mess that you have fallen into. Stop racking up bad debt and leaving a trail of collection calls behind you. After owning a home and getting a proper education, being able to get from one place to another is almost the most important thing you can attain for yourself. If you can't get to a job, you can't make money to support you and your family.

Again, if you do what you should, you will never have to deal with Capital One and their customer service representatives...except to continue to get "fair" deals from them. Bad credit is costly to the consumer. Help yourself out and all will be perfect. Soon, you will apply for financing and big players will be joining the list of "approvers" vying for the opportunity to get your monthly payments.

Over-and-out: A Satisfied Capital One Customer!

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You better hope that your *** never lose your job or have a costly unexpected medical issue or you would be on the receiving end of the stick.just because you are up right now does not mean you can't fall down. So the next time you decide to act like your *** don't stink turn around and smell it and then keep your comments to yourself. You have a lot of nerves!!!!!!!!


Capital one is wonderful when it comes to dealing with customers being late on payments.

I used to have a car i financed from my credit union.

I have a lot of medical issues and they can make me miss work for days or even a week when it gets bad. Me missing work up sets my budget for the month. The credit union uswd to call me when i was only a couple days late. I would get threats of repossession after only being a few weeks late with payment.

I have a diffenert car now & capital 1 has never threaten me with repossession even when i was over a month late. They even helped me get back on track. It falt nice not worrying i was going to have my car taken just for being a few weeks late.

I don't know how other auto loan companys deal with late customers but i will never go back to a credit union again.

They were as pleasant as can be when i signed for the loan but treated like a thieving criminal when i couldn't pay on time. Capital 1 never does that.