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I recently accepted a pre-approved offer and boy has it been down-hill since I hung up. I called to activate my new card and was told that the card was now activated and I was welcomed to the family. Within the hour I attempted to purchase gas and it was DECLINED! While I was truly embarassed, I was glad it happened at a gas station and I just used my debit card instead and not at the Westin during check-in for my Valentine's day getaway. I contacted Capital One several times and it is explained that only the Senior Associates can take the call because their managers do not take calls. I requested information to find out what caused my newly activitated card to be declined and the first Sr. Associated told me that she could not answer my question but I was more than welcomed to call the same 1-800 number back and maybe I would get antoher Sr. Associate who could assist me.

I was then told to fax a copy of my license. I've done that 3 times and each time I wait 24 hours and then call back and it is explained that my copy must have been darkened in between the fax that was receivd and their scanning process. Today I was even told to call back in 4-5 business days instead of 24 hours. I was also told that I would be receiving a letter within the next week or so explaining that my copy was not legibile. So had I waited on the letters this process would have taken at least 6 months.

If their process darkens the driver's license, the next option I would think would to be a scanned copy being sent to an e-mail address. Surely, there is SOMEONE within the company who could end this nightmare for me by receiving a copy of my license via e-mail. But no that's not allowed either and their managers do not accept calls OR e-mails.

So needless to say, I am now digging in my "shred-bin" to see if I can find one of the pre-approved offers I received from a different bank. This first time customer experience truly feels like a Saturday night live skit. So I find it quite ironic that this company doesn't have a way to handle escalated calls, their true managers are not accesible and their call center associates are suggesting that you call the same number back as if it's a slot machine and your luck will be better on the next pull. Then adding insult to injury Capital One is requesting that you contact them first prior to posting. So after putting forth the effort to call on a daily basis for over a week, is it now okay to post?! What's the next step?

As if this process hasn't been time consuming enough and a complete nightmare, I opened what appeared to be a statement yesterday and guess what?! I received my first statement for my annual fee but according to Capital One, they are not convinced that I am who I say I am so the card has been blocked due to possbile Identity Fraud, so since "activating" the preapproved card I'm NEVER been permitted to use the card for purchases but the company feels that they DO know me well enough for me to pay their annual fee on this brand new "inactive" newly activitated card!

What a mess! The bad part is that I work in the industry and I personally would want to about this type of customer experience. However, I would not force my escalated issues through to call center associates who are only prepared to read from a script. I do have to mention that during all of my calls I did hit the jackpot once and I reached a man who was able to explain that the hold status was due to "possible identity theft" due to the first purchase being at a gas station. But based on the fact that I *** out on the other 15 calls, I think it's time to cash in my chips and go to another casino/bank! I also resorted to their other suggestion which was using "snail mail" and I sent in physical copies but with the type of money that Capital One is making and the type of technology that is available why should this even make it to the point of using "snail mail"? The one good thing is that by the time they process the mail, I should have plenty of time to cancel this inactive/uselss card!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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We had exactly the same experience yesterday x 2. My wife and I each got a new account and they were both put on fraud hold shortly after being activated.

Talked to several "senior account managers" yesterday. Not sure what their job is supposed to be, but none of them are helpful or have any authority. They all stated that their supervisors do not take calls. I seriously can't believe that with all of their technology that they expect me to wait at least 4 business days to resolve this issue.

We immediately faxed in the requested documents yesterday. This has been a one of the worst customer service experiences we have had in a long time.


Wow!Same thing just happened to me yesterday! I tried to make a purchase at 7 11 and it was declined...when I called it seemed weird that I was connected to a "Sr." rep that told me ALL new Capital One accounts need verification in writing! Now IMO if that is the case, then why don't they rquest BEFORE issuing a card and activating??? I told him that it sounded fishy to ME that he was requesting all this personal information from me and I couldn't verify who HE was! It seemed like he was scamming me! I told him to send the request and I would look over it and also look more into the company before I sent my personal info to him.

It seemed like he was reading from a script and kept repeating himself that it was for identity protection. I feel if they are that worried about it, then send that request BEFORE you approve, send card and activate it! I understand that fraud is a problem and I don't have the greatest credit, but he was fishy to me! I am going to call them back today to try to get more information about this and try to talk to someone I could understand and doesn't talk so fast! He said he had just got off a long phone call...if that's the case then there are more people like me that are frustrated that they did this! I also asked himm what do they do if it is fraud and how would they be able to do anything if the card is declined the first time? He gave me the address of where I tried to use the card (Big deal), but what does that do to press charges of the person that did the fraud? I asked him what is he going to do, go to the address and arrest the person?

I'm sorry but IMO this is TOO much hassle to get a credit card...if I was asked in the original application to send in verification of who I am then I would feel better about it, IMO full disclosure...not happening there!


Hi BossLady, it's Trudi here from Capital One. I'm very sorry to hear of your experience and would like to see if I can help help straighten this out.

Please send me an email with your name, street name and address to

Since it’s not a secure channel, please don’t send personal information like your SSN or your account number). Thanks.