Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Not resolved

My credit card with Capital one was almost paid off and some one stole my credit card and made charges on my account and when I called the bank, I got someone in India that they out source to 24/7, I never get some one in the united states and I was given credit for the charges that was on the account and I told them I wanted to pay off the account, what was the amount that I did owe, I would just close the account. they told me and I paid that amount.

two months later, the credit that was given to me was put back onto my account that was closed and now, I get 3 or 4 phone calls from 8 am to 9 pm asking me to call linda and when I call the number no one knows who linda is.

It looks like a joke or a scam and the calls will not stop from 1-800-452-7820 and ext 2913194. if call the number there is no Linda there

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $325.

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