I inadvertently exceeded my credit limit on my card and wanted to correct the mistake before I was charged an over the limit fee. I made a payment online and also went a new actual Capital One bank that just opened by my house to make another payment so my account would be in good standing and I would not receive an over the limit fee.

They did not post the payments on time, and are not reflected online in my account summary. Two phone calls later, I am still no further along and will have to "call back" after any over the limit fee is posted to my account. Basically, I thought I was just "unlucky" with mean service representatives, but actually now that I have read some of the postings on this website, I realize this is common practice for this company! No wonder the phone representatives were so unhelpful-they are doing exactly their job!

I will have to wait to see if they will reverse the fee when it actually "posts" and after I call them again about it.

What a waste of time and effort!

Review about: Capital One Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Landrum, South Carolina, United States #8705

You people are idiots. Use some common sense.

If you don't want to go over your limit, pay it in advance!

At the very least, have common sense to know that you keep at least a $100 buffer between your limit to accommodate the reservation charges that come from gas stations, etc. As far as the other comments from other ticked customers, interest accumulates each day until you pay your bill, so there is always a chance that your payoff amount may have some lingering balance.

Conesville, Ohio, United States #6924

I paid Capitol One my bill in full and had no balance. So they sent me a bill for $19.41. There was no charges since the bill was paid off. the lady told me that it sounded like double interest but it really wasn't (she said). Now I can do nothing but pay them the $19.41 to keep my good credit rating. I will never never never deal with Capitol one again.

Bobby G. Thomas Sr

Bye bye Capitol One

Alvordton, Ohio, United States #6792

:( went over my line because THEY authorized a charge at a gas station. Rep told me that they only authorize a dollar at the pump and I bought $40 assuming my last payment had been posted.

From then on they charged over the limit fees and raised the interest and minimum to a point that I could not pay it.

Told them if they would stop the excessive fees I would cut up the card and make monthly payments. Well, now I have been served for a court appearance, called their attorney and he said I could resolve it for $900......told him that I only had a credit line of $300, he said the rest is in fees and "too bad, see you in court".

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