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 I had a perfect payment status with Capital 1 until after june 2005 ! In late June 2005 I was injured & was bed ridden until October 2007 ! During the time I was in bed, I contacted Capital 1 9 times because I paid for the insurance that Capital1 offered ! Each time I called (9) times, I received a total runaround about the insurance that was charged to me on each bill, they  would not acknowledge  the fact that I had the insurance, even though is was on every billing statement ! I liked doing business with Capital 1 until this occurred, if they would have acted like they were going to apply the insurance to my bill, It would have been paid already years ago !  This is exactly why the government is mad at the banking system ! I will negotiate a payment arrangement with you for only the money I spent on the card with out any interest & when it's paid off it is to be in full & not a settlement because when I received a billing statement from Capital 1 I paid it on time in full ! Capital 1 chose to rip me off when I was down & wouldn't give me the time of day because they didn't want to acknowledge the insurance agreement ! I will send a copy to the attorney general & the news channels if Capital 1 chooses to try to rip me off again !!!!!

  Sheldon Giventer 

  11622 Silver Lake rd sp #65

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payment protection is widely talked about on here. it's a business partner product. no a product capital one itself is responsible for. if you have problems with your payment protection you should call capital one, and ask to speak with payment protection. and i assure you they will transfer you.

now referring to you only paying the principle on the account:

on the terms and conditions set forth by capital one and you agreed to it by using your capital one card, is that unless you are paying your balance off each and every month. interest will be applied. If you don't believe me, just call capital one and ask them to send you a copy of the terms and conditions. It will be the same one they sent to you that they sent to you years ago.

Capital one is a business. if you walked into Mcdonalds and told them you were only going to be paying what they paid for the soda do you think you would be leaving with a cup?

Sheldon I ask you to take a step back and consider what you wrote above. does that sound reasonable to anyone but you? does that sound fair to anyone but you? you borrowed money. there is a fee for that.

if you don't think the juice is worth the squeeze, don't borrow the money.

I really do hope your feeling better, such a long time out of work wouldn't leave anyone in the best of circumstances. But using that card is agreeing to what the people who gave you that card said. That you would pay back that money. And if you choose to take a while to pay back that money in smaller increments that's fine. But there will be interest on that loan.

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