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if you are looking to get a capital one credit card DO NOT. there customer service sucks.

they are not there to help there customers. i have filed a dispute on my account 6 months ago, spoke with 7 different people and no one would help. at first they credited my account and then a couple weeks later they took it back and said they need a letter stating why i was disputing. i sent the letter the next day.

3 out of the 7 people said they see the letter and i should see the credit within 7 business days. well after fighting with them for 6 months i still have yet to see the credit. i finally talked to a manager and he was very rude and ignorant and said sorry we are not crediting your account cause we never received your letter. i was like you got to be kinding me.

i told him that i will be canceling my account and he said SO WE HAVE ALOT OF OTHER CUSTOMERS. what???

wow. so please do not get this card

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Thanks for your input-I was considering applying from the special offer they sent me-just in case of emergencies, but now I don't think so. I am debt free and I think I will keep it that way.



For the 4th or 5th time in a few months, they have put a hold on my credit card for no reason. It is so embarrasing! I am waiting in line to pay the cashier at a supermarket and the card gets declined. I know that there is plenty of money on the card, so I called the customer service number.

Guess what? I am transferred to India, where I could barely understand the customer rep's thick Indian accent. I had to repeat my card number several times, then she argues that the number I gave is not a legitimate number. I said, "What?!" I am reading the card that you, guys issued me and I have been using this same card for years.

Then, she puts me on hold for several minutes. Upon her return, I remind her that I am still holding up the line at the supermarket and people are starting to glare at me like it's my fault that my credit card is having problems. The service rep asks me to repeat the credit card number 2 more times, puts me on hold for 3 more minutes and then says that there is no hold on the card and for the cashier to try to run it again. For the 4th time, the store cashier runs the card and again, the computer screen says that the card is declined.

I tell the service rep this, and she still insists that it is not on their end, but on the store's end. The cashier runs the card 2 more times. Same thing. I ask the service rep to be transferred to a supervisor and she says in "an-i-don't-give-a-***" voice, "I can't transfer you until I exhaust all the troubleshooting possibilities.

What are the last 3 digits on the back of your card?" I give her the number and she says, "That is an invalid code". Again, I shriek, '"What?! I am simply reading the back of my card and I have used this code and this card for years? What is going on?" She says (amused), "Hold the line..." Again, I was on hold for several minutes, then she comes back on the line and said, "I don't see any problem on the card.

Run the card again... Maybe this time it will work." I ask the cashier (who at this time, is now glaring at ME), to run the card one last time. Guess what?

Card is still declined and the phone goes dead! Unbelievable!

Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States #8391

I agree. I always pay my account in full.

The next thing is I get an account for $3 for finance charge ? I tried calling their customer support which resides in India. They cannot understand me and I cannot understand them. The next thing they reported my account as delinquent.

I called them and they charged me $40.00 fees for not paying the $3. They cannot get me to log in to my online account. Their system is always off so i cannot monitor my account. I have not received any paper statements from them since my account was $3 which i disputed anyhow.

So now it cost me $43.00 to close my account and have a bad report to my credit. (I gues it is not that bad) but I had a perfect credit report. I worked hard for it. And yes they had a real so what approach when I closed my account...

Eitherway I think Amrericans should not support large corporations who out-source their customer services like that. There are many American who need work and their customer need people who can speak English.

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