I have had my loan with Capital One since April 2007. I never missed a payment, A year ago I lost my job due to the recession.

I explained that to the representative and a payment plan was set up with them (Capital One). The rep. advised me that he can't stop the phone calls.. In a one week period they have called me 103 times..

Insane!! There is a recession and people are trying their best. Whatever you do, Please don't given them your number..

they will drive you crazy with their rude representatives. They do not listen to reason..

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It is perfectly legal in the United States to collect on a debt that you OWE!

Yes this may suck, but it's Legal! Why don't you look up the law?

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India #243858

I unfortunately have been in the same position. You are allowed technically 10 days after your payment due date, but they will call you ALL DAY long..I was 4 days late on one payment because of how my paycheck fell and they called me 83 times in ONE DAY.

I normally use the harassment line on them and they relax for a bit. Sorry you have to go thru this!


I've had the exact same experience. What a waste of time and money for them to keep calling!

I keep thinking they'll cause someone to commit suicide because it's so infuriating.

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