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First of all I use to work there and I see how they really don't stand behind their Employees. Do you know that if a customer comes in a branch and complains about a Fee they will get it taken off quicker than an Employee?

wow we didnt even get at 1x courtesy..Some of the management and upper management really don't care we were just a number and was told that too. When cusomers come into a local branch it is a set up from the start there is someone greeting u at the door just to get u over to their desk and sell u something oh yeah their job is to make u warm and fuzzy first don't fall for it walk out. They Pushed us to sell to customers and not take no for an answer, overwhelmed us with work on top of work raised sales goals just to push people out the door how the *** when it's hard enough to make the regular goals. I'm refering to the whole company but especially where I worked in a Branch in NY STATE.

I watched management make personal plans all day long on the telephone rude to customers and lie just to make themselves look better and when the bank was busy, they would not help even if customers were complaining. Always short staffed and didnt care about the complaints the one thing that really amazed me is how are u giving orders when u don't even know how to do the damm job yourself?! Proof that they are placing non Qualified people in these positions!!

After seeing all of this mess I really became unhappy working there,Quitt and told everyone I knew and will continue to. If you are thinking about banking or working for Capital One?.....Don't!!!!Proof is in the Pudding!!!

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Working over 32 year same branch I was terminated with no warning


Worst bank to get a mortgage from. Run don't walk if you get a mortgage call. These people have 0 clue on what they are doing.


ya'll need to move to commercial banking within the company,..the environment is waaaaay different...a million times better but you gotta start from the bottom and be patient, it pays off!


Knolls V Small Business Banking 3rd floor Glen Allen, VA.

The worse managers ever!!! They degrade their associates and lie to them constantly. It is pure *** inthat dedepartment


How can you be a manager and not know how to answer your employees questions?


Lets see how many non-qualified people get promoted to management positions at year end. Seems like the norm at this company.


Bad Management, Bad Training, Low Morale across the board.


Capital One is the by far the worse employer. They claim that they are diversified but how many minorities are in senior management?

My point exactly!!! None.!!! Very racial and they promote discrimination in the team settings. For example, in Small Business Banking in Richmond, VA Knolls 5 3rd floor it is ridiculous.

This department has the worse retention rate ever. Very bad management who treat their employees horribly. You have employees that are doing the job of a Supervisor and/or Manager but yet the management team refuses to promote them. They would rather hire outside and then have those workers who know how to do the job train the new manager when the employee should have just been moved into that role.

There are other instances where management has allowed plagiarism and falsifying by certain employees( Alicia Diaz who got Lead the Way Associate by falsifying her monthly numbers) This place is a joke. You have other managers such as Justyna Gagulska who curses at the associates and makes them feel completely worthless. And when we complain to HR wethe remaining associates are labeled as disgruntled.

Also Christine Barbour shows a ridiculous level favoritism to 3 associates and she could care less about the rest of her team. No incentive to stay and if you ever think about working for this company or Small Business Banking Knolls 5 dont waste your time.


Unfortunately- yall are right on the money. Capital One is the worst company I've ever worked.

I too was an in branch associate; Capital One does not value their employees, and after several cases made to the Associate Relations with no aide, I turned in my notice and moved on. The environment is toxic, and management lies to customers and employees constantly. They teach employees to lie to the customer, to push, to sell sell sell- nothing else matters.

It was pathetic. Do not work in branch for this company.


I am without a job for the manager mistake after said I can go to school one month later she changed saying she can't give the schedule now because that mistake I have 18k student loan on my back! And in reference of associate relation, they never going to be on your side.

Capital one doesn't have loyalty for employee. Employees are a robot that have to smile make a conversation w customer then sale a product! manager doesn't take in consideration their employee!

They prefer hire best friend for position on branch instead to promote one of their long time employees. I lost respect for this bank!