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Six years ago, I agreed to NOT sue them for harrassment, after days of multiple phone calls. I also agreed to pay an actual balance of around $200.00, which I did.

Now, out of the blue, they're sending me bills over a thousand dollars, for a card that was cut up six years ago. I've sent proof, they don't seem to get it.

Looks like I'll have to sue them after all. I cannot urge you too strongly, don't touch these crooks with a ten foot pole, in spite of their slick TV ads!!!

Monetary Loss: $1034.

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6 years ago I had a fraud charge on my Capital One Card. It has never been resolved.

I ended up paying 200.00 in fees and late charges on that 50.00 fraudulent charge(made out of the country). I read here that the same tricks are still ongoing from this company. They say not to pay a disputed amount but they then charge you late charges for not paying the amount. Voice mail boxes are always full so its impossible to leave a message with anyone and customer service is useless.

My advice : just don't bother. its not worth the effort to deal with this shady company.

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