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Six years ago, I agreed to NOT sue them for harrassment, after days of multiple phone calls.I also agreed to pay an actual balance of around $200.00, which I did.

Now, out of the blue, they're sending me bills over a thousand dollars, for a card that was cut up six years ago. I've sent proof, they don't seem to get it.

Looks like I'll have to sue them after all.I cannot urge you too strongly, don't touch these crooks with a ten foot pole, in spite of their slick TV ads!!!

Monetary Loss: $1034.


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6 years ago I had a fraud charge on my Capital One Card.It has never been resolved.

I ended up paying 200.00 in fees and late charges on that 50.00 fraudulent charge(made out of the country). I read here that the same tricks are still ongoing from this company. They say not to pay a disputed amount but they then charge you late charges for not paying the amount. Voice mail boxes are always full so its impossible to leave a message with anyone and customer service is useless.

My advice : just don't bother.its not worth the effort to deal with this shady company.

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