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The worst credit card I ever experienced. I applied for their credit card with 1 year 0 apr promotion which would expire in November.

But they began to charge finance fees in August. I called them in August and they credited back the finance charge and their manager admitted that 0 apr should expire in November. However, I noticed they still charge finance fees for September statement. I called them again, but they told me that 0 apr had expired in August and the last credit back was only courtesy continuation of the promotion.

They could do nothing for me but apologized. I did not keep the offer letter, and they don't admit what they said. I was really pissed off, paid off the debt and closed the account immediately. Never Never apply for capital one credit card no matter how good the promotion looks.

They cheat on customers and try to stole money from you.

The customer service is very terrible.

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I love my capital one card



For the 4th or 5th time in a few months, they have put a hold on my credit card for no reason. It is so embarrasing! I am waiting in line to pay the cashier at a supermarket and the card gets declined. I know that there is plenty of money on the card, so I called the customer service number.

Guess what? I am transferred to India, where I could barely understand the customer rep's thick Indian accent. I had to repeat my card number several times, then she argues that the number I gave is not a legitimate number. I said, "What?!" I am reading the card that you, guys issued me and I have been using this same card for years.

Then, she puts me on hold for several minutes. Upon her return, I remind her that I am still holding up the line at the supermarket and people are starting to glare at me like it's my fault that my credit card is having problems. The service rep asks me to repeat the credit card number 2 more times, puts me on hold for 3 more minutes and then says that there is no hold on the card and for the cashier to try to run it again. For the 4th time, the store cashier runs the card and again, the computer screen says that the card is declined.

I tell the service rep this, and she still insists that it is not on their end, but on the store's end. The cashier runs the card 2 more times. Same thing. I ask the service rep to be transferred to a supervisor and she says in "an-i-don't-give-a-***" voice, "I can't transfer you until I exhaust all the troubleshooting possibilities.

What are the last 3 digits on the back of your card?" I give her the number and she says, "That is an invalid code". Again, I shriek, '"What?! I am simply reading the back of my card and I have used this code and this card for years? What is going on?" She says (amused), "Hold the line..." Again, I was on hold for several minutes, then she comes back on the line and said, "I don't see any problem on the card.

Run the card again... Maybe this time it will work." I ask the cashier (who at this time, is now glaring at ME), to run the card one last time. Guess what?

Card is still declined and the phone goes dead! Unbelievable!

Kenilworth, New Jersey, United States #38423

Love How they Say " NO HASSLE CARD" They forgot to leave the word "No" off of thier logo. The worst credit card company I have dealt with.

I also had been a customer with them for a long time. They dont care....


:? I too can tell you never to do business with Capital One. I had my identity stolen, reported it to the police, had affadavits to support the fact that I had not taken out a card with them.

They still were the only company that did not have any sense about this. Their fraud dept. didn't give a ***.

Don't do business with them. They stink@!

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