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I booked a flight on cheapo air and when i was finished entering all my info, including credit card info, i was blown off the site. I went back to cheapo air and called the customer service number listed on the site.

I asked if my credit card had been charged. the agent had me wait on hold for 15 minutes and came back and informed me that my credit card had not been charged. The agent then said she could book the flight for me. I gave her all the info on flights, times and dates and she re-booked the flights.

On the 28th of June I received my credit statement and I was charged twice for the flight.

After talking to my credit card company, US Airways and Onetravel .com I was told to fax a copy of my credit card bill to for review. I have not heard back from them and i am out $375.90.

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Your credit card company just processes what the merchant sends them, Capital One did not make the charge twice - you did and got bad info from the travel agent. Why is it your credit card companies fault that YOU booked two tickets - even if you got bad information they did not give it to you.


And just how the *** is this capital ones fault? They aren't minds readers.

There are people who make multiple purchases to the same company ... for the same amount...

on the same day. Blame the merchant and get your self a better pc and Internet connection.

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