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Sender: Tarek Elabsy On File Phone: 718-284-2006 On File Zip Code: 11225

Recipient: Richard - ID No. LBS824

Dear Mr. Richard,

Based on the phone conversation I had with you yesterday's evening and based on the letter you sent to me on my online account, both of us found out that the dispute department confused two different transactions. Based on the merchant's response about which you told me and of which I did not receive a copy yet , the merchant did not respond to my dispute dated on 08/17/2013 at all. On the contrary, if the merchant had responded as you claimed, the merchant did not respond to my specific dispute dated on 08/17/2013 but the merchant as you claimed responded to another transaction which in the first place was not disputed by me and that transaction was dated on 08/05/2013. The dispute department committed a mistake by re-billing me the amount of $300.41 without any evidence and based on confusion.

In addition, I would like to complain about supervisor Matt whose ID is HQI199 for being non-professional. I do not even believe that he lied and noted on my account that I rejected to respond in writing. I am afraid to tell you that about three hours of work time has been wasted on phone calls back and forth because of the non-professionalism of Matt who denied the truth and whom I did not trust with my personal information anymore. You disappointed me and I will make sure that my voice will reach your general manager.

I have enclosed a copy of the reference number of the claim I submitted to the merchant after I called them on the phone and I was advised to submit the claim online and on their website. In may claim to the merchant I enclosed the following website: in which I found the lower price exactly for the same number of nights at the same hotel. However, they did not respond to me yet.

The way the dispute department handled this matter was not really professional and again I am complaining against supervisor Matt. The merchant did not respond to my dispute based on the documents you sent me. Even, supposedly, if the merchant had responded to you, the merchant for sure did not respond to my 08/17/2013 dispute at all. Please, be fair and do not try to cover the mistakes of your employees. I am completely disappointed by the service I received from supervisor Matt because he lied and faked the whole situation. I am asking for an immediate credit of the re-billed amount of $300.41.

Thank you for disappointing me and wasting my time.

Best Regards,

Tarek Elabsy

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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