This is a repost that I am posting on every Cap one post in hopes that no one will give this company the time of day.

Had our account for 11 years.

NEVER a late payment and always a good customer. We got a "change of terms" in the mail stating that our interest rate was going from 10.5% to 17.99%!!! I called and asked them why and after waiting 20 minutes on hold I got to speak to a person I could not understand and only told me that it was stated on my change of terms mail why. No it wasn't I said.

They finally told me that it was because of my account activity. I asked what exactly they meant because I have an excellent record with them. She told me she couldn't say why. I closed my account.

No more credit cards for us. If anyone is thinking of getting a new credit card right now, please think it through and don't forget to read any fine print.

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This exact thing has happed to me, 9.9% to 17.9%, the person after 20min hold told me they sent a leter allowing you to opt out of the interest rate change! I was like WHAT?

How would someone see that choose not to! Im sure it looked like Junk mail. at any rate it should not be able to raise interest rate on money already charged. Its like your car payment you chose to pay back at an agreed apon rate, it doesnt change.

Fine to change the rate for future purchases. AARGGGHH


If you are on Facebook...join the group "Boycott Capital One." Unfortunately there is more than one of these groups so join the one that is the largest.


Well...they can't exactly say that "due to the greed and ineptitude of Capital One management, we are forced to raise interest rates..."

These scumbags at Capital One will destroy the company. What arrogance to raise credit card rates to their highest rates in over 20 years when interest rates overall are near historic lows.


My wallet was stolen and all kinds of unauthorized activity on my Capital One card has put me over the limit and continues to keep me there. I had contacted Capital One immediately and requested they stop my account when the wallet was stolen.

Apparently, they weren't listening to me because they have sent me another card with the same number on it. I've asked them to close my account, and they won't. In the meantime, the over limit charges are adding up like crazy and it is ruining my credit.

I've reported them to the fraud division in my state. This is outrageous!


Most credit card companies are going through a change of interest rates due to the economy. This, to me, makes no sense.

I understand they want money, but how exactly does an increase in interest rates of those who have accounts in good standing really make sense. This is a form of corporate suicide.

The rates need to stay the same, if not be lowered by a few points in order to encourage people to buy products on credit, thus generating revenue for not only the card companies, but also for other businesses. Capitol One, ChaseManhattan, and Discover all need to rethink their "strategies" during this economic crisis.

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