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I have contacted Capital One FOUR times during the past few days via the telephone and twice now via the internet to resolve a customer service issue and unfortunately, I have not received the level of service I would have expected. After SIX contacts with their customer "service" team I would have at least expected to get some type of an answer.

Last weekend, I made a payment to Cap One via the voice automated autopay. My intent and command was to pay the MINIMUM amount due ($45). However, the ENTIRE balance (nearly $2000) was deducted from my account days later. This money was not in my checking account which caused a large cascade of NSF charges. Money from our savings account that has been painstakingly saved for the purchase of our home was transferred to help cover some of the charges. We are DAYS away from closing now and may be unable to do so due to Capital One’s error and negligent customer service.

As soon as I was aware of the mistake, I called customer service and spoke with a rep named Greg who told me that I could get the money refunded to my bank account, he just needed my account number and routing number. Unfortunately, I was calling from my car on the way home from work and did not have access to this information at the time. He told me he would note the account and I just needed to call back with that information.

When I arrived home approximately 20 minutes later, I called back and spoke with Sandy. Sandy told me there were NO notes on my account and no details of my previous call. She then told me she was initiating an investigation and that I *may* be entitled to receive *part* of my money back but that the process could take up to 7 days. I was told to fax a copy of my bank statement showing the erroneous payment being taken out of my bank account.

To verify this information I emailed customer service. This message received gave me yet A DIFFERENT fax number and made it sound as though the process has NOT been initiated as Sandy had said. Today I faxed the requested information to the fax number customer service provided to me. I called tonight and spoke with a Thomas to verify the receipt of my information and to attempt to get a straight story out of someone at Capital One. ONCE AGAIN, I was told that there were no notes on my account regarding any of this. The receipt of my information cannot be "verified at this time". I did mention that I currently have multiple cards with your company and am thinking about closing them all and taking my business elsewhere. Their customer "service" rep more or less scoffed at my because apparently my "few thousand" dollars are not important to the livelihood of Capital One.

So after reaching out to Capital One many times to resolve a fairly straight forward problem, I have gotten absolutely NO WHERE!!! The closing of our house is now delayed and may not happen at all now due to erroneous Capital One withdrawal of THOUSANDS from my account when I had requested only $45.00.

To say I am livid is putting it lightly. Understandably, mistakes can get made however I feel Capital One HAS DONE NOTHING TO REMEDY THIS SITIATUION. I cannot even get a straight answer regarding the status of my request. Each time I call, I get a new story regarding what will happen and how long it will take. I have a good credit score and history with them and don't think it is fair that they are not dealing with this issue.

Based on my experience I am most likely going to pay off and cancel all three of my Capital One cards as well as my husbands. In addition, I plan to warn as many people as I can to stay FAR away from Capital One as they are severely lacking in the customer service department. The Better Business Bureau will also be contacted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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