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I have been a member of the Capital One Banking system since its acquisition of Hibernia National Bank approximately 20 years. I have a problem with the way this banking system regards its long time customers.

I feel that Capital One gives no regards to the longevity of its customers.I have been charged outrageous overdraft fees on amounts as small as $4 or $5. A $35 overdraft fee,for a transaction this small amount is consumer robbery! I have applied for a line of credit through Capital One, for as little as $300 to help cover any overdraft fees, but was denied this line of credit even though Capital One offered it to me. I have been made aware that there is a problem with various banking systems in regards to the excessive overdraft feese charging its customers.It is with sadden regret that I am currently decreasing the amount of money I have directly deposited to Capital One on a bi-weekly basis.

I am also cancelling the majority of my bills which are paid through the bill pay service (another rip off). This decision should remedy my overdraft charges!I currently have two Capital One credit cards with 0 balances. I am also cancelling these cards. I have had these cards for several years, each with a $300 credit limit.

I have not had a credit limit increase, nor have I had the offer of a credit limit increase.I paid off an auto loan in 2005 through Capital One Auto Finance, but this seems to have no bearing on my credit worthiness to this banking system.I am sure that my decision will, in no way, have any bearing on Capital One's procedures for customer longevity, and with the millions of individuals who are serviced through Capital One, I realize that I am only one dissatisfied customer.In my opinion, one is too many! I am also forwarding a copy of this message to your corporate office just so they will know they are losing a loyal customer, and overdraft payee!Thank you for your time in reading my complaint.

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I completely agree with you. I started with Chevy Chase 10 years ago, and remained with them with the change to Capital One, which was suppose to reflect an upgrade in services, but have received none the less.

I am extremely disappointed in how being with the same company for numerous years though different errors has no bearing on the customer service side or handling of your money. I have received numerous overdraft fees, for credit and debit cards, where I was unaware that I was even able to overdraft or go over my limit, to me that's was why there was a limit. I have also received outstanding fees for withdrawing from my savings too many times.

At this point I am extremely aggravated as the excessive withdrawals policy states cash withdrawals from tellers, which mine were transfers, definitely a difference between the cash withdrawals. If this situation is not rectified, I will with no hesitation choose another banking establishment.


I have had a capital one credit card for 13 years. I first got it when i was 18 with a $300 limit.

The interest rate fell to 6% over the years.

Then for no reason capital one jack my interest rate to 21%.

I called them to find out what happened and they told me this was a business decision and no fault of my own. I have a credit score of 780 and never missed a payment to anyone ever.

Capital one refuses to lower my interest rate and refuses to raise my credit limit.


Capital One alike all other banking systems are in business to make money. We only think that they are there to protect our money but really they are not.

Every and almost any opportunity they get to charge an overdraft fee on your account is a plus for them. You bank your money there, they use your money to yield high profit from investments and turn around and penalize you without care. Ive gotten charged 35.00 overdraft for a 1.00 item over the weekend made a cash deposit in the hope that because the bank is closed it will have an opportunity to post to the account before the overdraft does and to my unpleasant surprise the date being the 18th the overdraft shows it will post to my account on the 21st two days later! which proves that the banks are opportunists who will not miss the opportunity to get 35.00 with no reservation...

Banking sucks! and will go back to the olden days of cutting *** in the mattress and leaving it in there :( People miscalculate and mismanage funds at times it happens if the bank makes an error with your money that prevents you from being able to access it they apologize and thats it.

We dont get to charge them or pose anything to them as a consequence of their mistakes but us the customer, slap on the wrist. Everytime!


Capitalone is a rip off. My bills are paid.

I have had Capitalone reverse overdraft charges twice at $140 each time they were reversed,because THEIR system did not process the deposits.

I have stopped my direct deposits and cancelled my savings account and have moved to Chase Bank. Much, much better...


I understand where he is coming from. Capital one is a rip off.

They do everything to get the max fines. If you had 100 in the account and had 4 transactions for 1 buck then paid a 99 on a bill. Instead of charging your account the 4 charges first then the 99 to only have one 35 over draft they take out the 99 first then the 4 one buck charges to get more overdraft fees. They also if you use your card at a gas station for 40 it shows up online for a day or 2 so you think the money is out if the account.

They then deposit the money back in your account for 3 days so if you check your balance you see the total. You assume since 2 days ago you saw the 40 withdrawn the amount shown is what you have. Then once you spend money and your account goes below 40 they take the 40 back out of your account an charge you a fee.

They say it's because the gas station did not request the money yet and afte 2 days they deposit it bak and do no note your account. It's robbery on the people living paycheck to paycheck


Wow! You're fixing to hit them hard buddy.

A guy whose had 2 credit cards (not just one) and each have a $300 limit. Man - that'll show them. If ya had money in the bank to cover your bills 2 things would have happened (actually 3) 1 - You wouldn't be hit with over-draft charges, 2 - you'd have credit card limits of more than $300 (my 18 y/o got that day 1, and number 3 - we wouldn't be reading about your whining little butt here.

Pay your bills and quit crying. :cry