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logged on (Aug 2nd) to my online account to make my payment for Aug 2013. Made my payment of $50.00 and it posted ok.


Received my paper staement and it still shows a minimum payment due as of Aug 12th before the 27th.

I call them and they claim that my payment was made on the same day my statement was generated so therefor my payment was applied to the previous statement generated in July.

They also claimed they could not re-adjust my payment to reflect on the correct (current) statement and that I must have made my payment before the statement was correctly reflected online, even though it shows my payment was made and posted on the 2nd.

They advised me to make my minimum payment due or else I could get late charges posted to my account. And they could also refund my 50.00 payment if I make a minimum payment.


Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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seriously it is you - your monthly minimum payment is due between your statement date and due date. you made your 50.00 the last day of the previous statement cycle - that was your error and the bank can't just move the payment to a different date.

you can't pay a credit card in advance unless you date the payment within the correct payment cycle which you easily could have done if you were paying attention - you can set future dated payments. Im sure that payment was posted on the date YOU requested.

I don't even work for a bank anymore but I do have a lot of financial experience and sadly most people don't take the time to educate themselves on their own financial life and push the blame on companies that are doing EXACTLY what you requested when you scheduled the payment.


I agree with sessa. IF YOUR statement closes on the 2nd, that means the 2nd...

At close of business. Therfore a payment on the 2nd, would be reflected on that statement. Your NEW statement begins on the 3rd.

You should have waited for the statement to close, then make the payment. Don't complain because you messed up.


It never fails to amuse me when companies screw up and treat their customers bad, and when they complain about it, said company hires trolls to try to put their spin on the company's bad behavior. :zzz


I've had a similar encounter and can someone tell me who the *** Sessa is? What a ***ing smelly @unthole she is, Fu@kin troll


Well Sessa - eveidently you failed to comprehend my complaint.

As previously noted, I DID PAY within the timeframe. Statement is generated on the 2nd, for the current cycle.

Payment was also made on the 2nd, current cycle. But they posted it against the previous July cycle, as per their CS rep.

Thank You - that is all !!!! :roll :roll


NO, I comprehended it just fine. Perhaps you should've waited 24 hrs more to let the system catch up with the new billing cycle. I'd love to see a screenshot of what your account actually said as far as amount due, etc, as of the 2nd, only then would I believe it was their mistake and not yours.


Yes, it's true, credit card companies expect you to pay within the boundaries of their billing cycles and due dates. SERIOUSLY.

Geez. :roll :roll