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I received an alert, August 30, 2013 that my credit report had changed and when I logged in an saw that Capital One Auto Finance Auto Finance is reporting me 30days late in August 2013, I immediately submitted a dispute. The dispute came back the very next day updated to say on Sept 3 that I was also late in September 2013 and September had just begun (how could this be). I called the credit Bureau and they resubmitted the complaint and it came back the same. I then called Capital One Auto Finance , September 11, 2013 spoke to Gerri (Id: GWK) who handed me off to customer advocate Julie Ducker (id: JUD), she advised me that because my account had matured even though they have arrangements for the balance that they will still report on my credit report as late. She also explained that this has been an issue in the past with customers. Julie also stated that Capital One Auto Finance has not developed a program that will NOT report to the credit bureaus although consumer has continued to make the monthly payment and on time. Well, HOW can you report someone LATE and you have continued to get payments every single month from the consumer and allow them to make payment arrangements where, you, the company are taking AUTOMTED WITHDRAWALS. THIS IS FALSELY reporting on someone's credit report. If you are going to allow consumers to make payment arrangements to Pay In Full the balance, there should not be any negative reports on anyone's credit file. Why would I finally get to the very end of my loan and start making late payments?? That just make no sense. I feel sorry for those consumers that DO NOT have credit file alerts and their credit report gets marked up falsely.

I have had a car before with a deferred payment balance and NONE of this nonsense happened. They gladly made arrangements on the final balance with NO problems and NO credit reporting issues.

At no time as I was making arrangements on my account did ANYONE say although you are making arrangements this will still be reported as a late on your credit file. GIVE ME the option of saying I DONT care about that; because obviously I do. Mind you I have made arrangements for August and was told to call back to make arrangements on the remaining months in which I did, payment due date is the 21st of the month, all payments were made prior to that time. So someone needs to get my credit reports updated to reflect NO TIMES LATE!!!

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This happened to me as well with Capital One Auto Finance. They claimed I was late when I paid my bill on time very month.

CS department finally admitted it was their error, but also stated they could not change the credit report. So when I disputed with the credit reporting agency, Capital One once again stated they were correct. I refinanced with another company, and I have vowed never to have anything to do with Capital One as long as I live. They even bought out one of my credit cards, I closed the account immediately.

You have to wonder about a company that is always asking whats in your wallet....